Monday, June 24, 2013

Week #46

Well we got our transfer calls... They are opening up a Zone in Ontario..Elder Camarena is getting transferred to Kenora, Ontario about 2 hours away from Fort Frances to train a new missionary. I will be staying in Fort Frances serving with elder Weeks and we will be the Zone Leaders for the Ontario Zone. Well I guess I'm back in leadership again. I was thinking of a good name for the Zone....The O Zone haha. jk. But I am excited to serve as a zone leader. I will probably be a Zone leader for, well,  I don't even know how long. But it does mean I will be staying in Fort Frances for a While. I will miss Elder Camarena he made the best food and salsa.
Well we Had a Great week.
Last week and this week haven't been a good week for numbers...and I can't get my head around it....but we were completely busy the whole time. We met with Kenny Olson, the former branch president and his wife again. We weren't able to share anything, but she showed us her sewing room, which apparently she doesn't let anyone we must be doing something right. I really feel like there is going to be a harvest soon. Elder Camarena and I have just planted so much here and now it is time to fire up combines and go to work.
 We have seen miracles. The Osters came to church again this Sunday and she enjoyed it. Because we have been volunteering for soccer,  a family that works with sister Oster at Rainy Crest, keeps asking sister Oster about the church and this week sister Oster is going to invite her to church and at soccer tonight we are going to invite her to have F.H.E,  also we are inviting another family of 4 to have family home evening and this family is the guy with the highlanders pipe band that we have been participating in. Finding through your talents is wonderful. Because we barley tract, meaning knocking on doors, people see us on the street and they come up to us and ask us what we do.      
Some of our less actives are out and about because of summer. But in the branch presidency meeting today I really emphasised the importance of home and visiting teaching and that it just can't be us, because then the less actives will come to church because of the missionaries.
So we helped an older gentleman paint his house the other day. He also doesn't believe in the Atonement of Christ, but after helping him, he has had a complete 180 change! We are helping him this Tuesday, so it will be good to help again and hopefully invite him to hear our message. Let me tell you something...I love handbooks it makes things so much easier. I am helping the branch presidency a lot (not saying this to be prideful) but I am just very lovingly and kindly pointing out things in the handbook and helping them understand what we should be doing. It's not their fault at all, they really don't know or have been taught or trained in leadership. One is an older man and the other is a recent convert of a year. So yeah I  will still be in the Branch presidency and I will be a Zone leader, I hope my head doesn't explode...ha no I will be fine.
I loved that broadcast! that is how missionary work needs to be! I loved the video of the family that all read their scriptures together,  prayed together,  and all invited their friends to hear the gospel through different activities such as basketball,  or at the market, through service, and dinner. And it was great because at every single one of those activities you saw missionaries. It is so true, the world has one likes it when you knock on their door. When I get home...that's like all I want to do is help the missionaries and help bring back less actives.
We played basketball again with some less active youth,  and all of his friends...they can't stop us, we beat them in ball all the time. I want to get a youth group out of them.
I read Taylor's email, sounds like she loves the MTC what a good experience the MTC was. I think I saw her singing in the choir, but I'm not sure.
 We have been playing squash every morning! ha so fun.
The church is true! the Gospel is real.
All is well,
-Elder Clark

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