Monday, July 1, 2013

Week #47

Well this morning we marched in the Canada parade with the highlanders. I played snare and everything. What a great way to have the whole community to see us. Well now that I am a Zone leader, it is back to being busy with exchanges and giving training, I'm just really happy we aren't as busy as like I was as an assistant, we have way more time to work in our area and do work!
My companion is Elder Weeks. He is great, I think we will work well together. I have realized that it doesn't matter who you work with or serve with, as long as you both have one thing in common, and that is doing the lords work and fulfilling our purpose. But it is good though because we have a lot in common. It is so hot down here. It got up to 30 degrees and plus humidity. You are just hot and sticky. It is hard for me to breathe up here in this weather, I was a huffin and puffin, I need some Washington air.
Well Zach just got back from vacation so we are going to text him this week and see where he is at.
 This week we have to travel all the way to Saskatchewan for a mission leader council, so we will  leave Thursday and we won't get back till Saturday. This week is gonna go by to fast.
Well I must say I am excited to serve with Elder Weeks. We have come up with a new finding idea. Usually we have just been talking with everyone on the streets to and from appointments, but now we are really focusing on teaching the less actives that will receive us. We are still working with the former Branch Presidents too. Our finding idea is called "activity of the day" we have basketball on Monday nights, Book of Mormon class on Tuesday nights, and we want to do a family home evening night. The branch doesn't have a youth group, so we are going to try and get a youth group together. Here is how it will work.  On the day of the activity instead of just passing out pass along cards and sharing the restoration we are going to invite people to an activity day. Whoever shows up will be what we have to show for  our day of finding. I am excited and I think it will be good.  People are more receptive to an event or activity rather than talking about prophets.   We are going to try and have our members at those activities. I'm not sure how it wall all happen but we are acting in faith.  It would be good to have facebook  here because when we coach soccer, all of those families have facebook, and that's how they all checked the soccer games.  We can add them as friends and invite them to an activity like F.H.E or Youth group. I'm excited!

We still had a good week though, we were able to finally get in contact with some of the less actives that have been busy. We taught two former branch presidents who are less active, they still need a lot of work.

Other than that everything is going good. Elder Weeks and I are seriously going to try and do all we can to hit standard each week so that we set the example for the zone. The Osters didn't come this Sunday....I don't know what happened....but sacrament meeting was great, the spirit was there, the speakers where given topics, and we were edified together. President Tovey is a game changer I think. He will really be the rock for this branch, and his wife finally agreed to have a missionary lesson with us :) we need her. Things are going good.
Well mom everything is going good, I really couldn't be happier. I know the church is true there is no better work.
All is Well :)
-Elder Clark

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