Monday, July 22, 2013

Week #50

This week was.....really really odd. Like nothing happened. We had to travel and go on exchanges with some of the district leaders in our zone, and when we got back we only had like Friday, Saturday and Sunday to work in our area.  And only 3 people came to church on Sunday, well actually 5 if you count President Tovey and President Jensen. We only had 1 member and 2 less actives as our audience. I was pretty mad and frustrated actually because I have just been trying and trying with these less actives and man Satan is just pulling out the big guns and people are using their agency. But I told myself that there is no point in being frustrated or complaining. So it just means that this week I will have to just work work work!  But we already have a bunch of things going this week!
 Tuesday we have  church tours set up so hopefully people come to that and then this Saturday is the big movie night and we will be watching One Man's Treasure, we just need to get people out to these activities.
While on exchanges I went to go stay with some other elders because one of the elders was struggling with a lot of different things going on. As I sat down with him I just asked him some questions and he told me that he doesn't know if any of this is true and said that he wants to believe it but  he has never felt the spirit ever in his life. I listened to him and asked some more questions and then taught him. But yet he was still struggling with all of his questions and he just wanted to give up and go home. So I testified of The Book of Mormon and said "I know this gospel is true so lets pray about it elder." So we all prayed and I said a prayer. I was shaking in my boots like crazy I was praying so hard to myself just hoping that he would receive an answer. I was scared to be honest. Then he prayed and  asked god if he was just there for him and to feel his hand in his life, and I told him to just wait and listen to your feelings. We waited for 10 minuets just silent. He was crying, the spirit was so strong in there and then he looked up and said " I don't know what to think" I thought to myself oh no.....but then he goes on to say that all of his life he has always had these different things going on in his mind and he has just never been able to get rid of them and that it has always given him trouble and has scared him, and then he said when I was done praying everything just left and he felt so much peace enter into his mind and has never had that before, but didn't  know if that was the spirit. I testified that it was and then we all rejoiced with one another just like in D&C 50:22
  "  22 Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together."
That is neat that Taylor is serving in Ohio for a bit! that will be good for her :) I have no idea how long they will keep me here we will see.
I know that god answers prayers, and I know that when we get frustrated... it's because we are trying to do it all on our own. Sometimes we just have to realize that it is in someone elses hands. I do know that The Book of Mormon is true and that Joesph Smith was a prophet of god.
Love you so much mom and love all of you
All is Well
-Elder Clark :)

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