Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Week #68

Hello mother,
Sounds like you did have the best Sunday ever.
Well this week was really really good. The zone leaders came down to exchange with us and it went well. We were very busy this week because it snowed and when it snows we just walk around with shovels all day and just shovel peoples drive ways, we found some people from it too.
Wednesday we were really busy with service and we went to the baptist bible study again, but I think that will be the last time we will go because they were being pretty rude about other religions. Also on Wednesday we taught Pastor Stan and he had a a lot of good questions. He became a new investigator too. We have an appointment with him next Wednesday. He had a lot of good points that he brought up and as I took the questions in prayer I was able to find the answers in my personal study. My testimony has grown of personal study, we really can receive personal revelation. It was really good.
We did have some opposition this week but nothing too bad. A pastor didn't want us at the activities at his church which is fine.
Also our service is getting cut back, mainly because we did too much and now they don't really need us.  When I see a Filipino in the store I just go up and say Kamusta ka! and they get all excited that I can speak their language. A lot of Filipinos have family and friends that are Mormon and so they always say that we can come over. Hopefully we will be meeting with Roel this week who is a Filipino.
Things are going really good though. It is getting really cold already it was -30 the last few days ha. Last night I sang a solo at a fireside, I sang The First Noel. It went good....I think.
We are going to open mic night tomorrow actually so that will be fun, I don't know what we are doing yet though.
We just got a media referral. Apparently there is a lady from Jamaica 5 min away from us and her husband and family are LDS and she wants to learn, so that is a huge miracle!! we will hopefully meet with her this week :)
Well it is crazy that I will be talking to you in about 30 days........
I really love being out here. I can't not even explain to you how much it has helped me and changed my life.
Love you and all of you so much!
-Elder Clark :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Week #67

Hello Mother!

We had a great week! ha

On Tuesday we continued to visit all the churches, as we were walking and talking with everyone we found a lot of people to teach. Later that night we went to open mic night! I did a drum solo for about 4 minuets! And we got 2 potential investigators from it! gotta use your talents for the gospel. I didn't mess up at all and it was a really good solo. On Wednesday we set up an appointment with a Mennonite pastor who we will be teaching this Wednesday. I have taught a lot of pastors on my mission, it is fun. 

Every Wednesday we do service at the MCC thrift store. The people there are really starting to like us. There is this one German lady there and I try to learn the language she is funny. Then on Wednesday night we went to the baptist bible study and we found someone to teach from it! we are teaching him tomorrow evening. Thursday was a little slow, but we found stuff to do, we ended up playing basketball with the Filipinos,

Every Friday we have service at the soup kitchen. Which is at the Grace Mennonite church. The people love us there! we are really getting out in the community here. Things are going good. Friday evening we went to the Filipino basketball game and we are making really good connections there. Saturday was good too. We have service at MCC and We found 2 Filipinos to teach there. One of them said my cousin is an elder in the Philippines and my aunt is a Mormon. I said great can we teach you? We saw Roel again in the store on Saturday, he is Filipino as well, he said he would be at basketball tonight, so I sat with him at basketball and he said we could teach him as well. We found a lot of people this week just from service and from walking everywhere.

Well the snow finally came and it won't leave until may.

Guess what?? I am singing The First Noel in a fireside next week in Winnipeg all by myself...... so it will be fun.  There are some members in our ward that just moved from the Tri Cities to Winnipeg....well to each their own hey?

anyway the gospel is true and the book is blue.
love you and all of you so much!
-Elder Clark :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Week #66

I'm in the zone!
This week was really good. We have found a ton of service opportunities. We are doing service for a christian thrift store. All the volunteers are Mennonites and speak German.....some speak English too so we are not too lost, but other than that everyone is speaking some form of German or Russian and you have no idea what is being said. I am grateful that I know some words in German, Russian, and Tagalog.
We found 4 people this last week. We met this man Arthur, he is from France. He said that we could come teach him more. He  missed some of our appointments, but he said that he is really excited to learn.
We also met some guys from South America on the street and I contacted them in my somewhat Spanish haha. Then when we were done with service at the thrift store I saw this guy and he looked Filipino,  so I went over and said hello how are you. He said good. I told him I was new here and he said where from? I said Washington, and then I said where are you from? ( I was being sneaky) he said the Philippines. So I said Kamchatka! which means hello. He got all excited that I knew Tagalog!! haha. He then said, I have seen missionaries in the Philippines and when I saw you guys I had goosebumps! he said that he talked to missionaries when he was back home, and that we could teach him early next week. So we will be seeing him sometime this week.
There are so many Mennonites! it is crazy like 80% of the population is Mennonite. This place is great.
Here is a funny story....hahaha
OK so Brother Valdez is a member here and he is Filipino. He is the president of the Filipino community. So every Friday and Saturday, there is a Filipino basketball night and he is the announcer. On Fridays they have basketball at a Church and Saturdays at the middle school. When we went on Friday we were at the church and the pastor does spiritual thoughts before the games.  He did his thought and then he got up during the game to go use the washroom, and  brother Valdez turns his head to watch him leave out of the door and when he leaves the gym brother Valdez quickly turns the mic on and says...."Special welcome to the Missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, they are here to help us and watch our games. Welcome to Steinbach Elders."
We are also helping out in the soup kitchen. And this past Tuesday, we were walking to go check out a service opportunity and we saw this music store so we went in and they have open mic night on Tuesdays and they provide the instruments. The owner said that 30-40 people come out every Tuesday. Tomorrow night I'm going to open mic night and get on the drums and do a drum solo! all four of use are going to sing a hymn! ha
 We have the nicest apartments in the mission it's ridiculous.
I am glad to hear that everything is going good.
We were walking last night and it was -20 it is getting really cold. The cold winter is coming sooner than last year it seems like.
But I know the church is true that the Gospel is in its fullness. I know that God will always prepare a way for us to accomplish what he wants us to accomplish. I love my life, but time is going way to fast.
p.s. We are getting Tagalog name tags.
Love you sooo sooo much and miss all of you :)
-Elder Clark

Monday, November 4, 2013

Week #65

Hello mother,
 I literally miss that area so much mom. It is kinda of hard for me to adjust right now in my new area, because I miss Fort Frances so much and care about all of the people there a lot. Yeah I think this area is going to be hard as well. The church isn't established, 80% of the community are Mennonites and very strong in their faith, and  there is only  about 3 families that are members here, and no less actives. So we are literally starting from scratch. But that's OK because God wouldn't send us here unless he knew that the area was ready. Brother Valdez, who is a Filipino, lives here in Steinbach. He is the President of the Filipino community....and there is 500 Filipinos here haha so we are going to really work with the Filipinos. We are going to just start a branch here somehow haha. But yeah my companion is from BC he is really good. His name is elder Hodacsek and well he likes to just do everything, and it is very  refreshing,  like I am getting a break. It will be an interesting transfer. We plan on just getting really involved in the community here. Also, there are a lot of Germans here.
The week has been good though, we are just trying to figure out what to do. President does not want us tracting. I am thinking it will be really slow for awhile. But I bet things will pick up.
 So We went to church on Sunday and the second councilor in the bishopric is Ed Grynols nephew. I told him that I baptized his uncle last Sunday and he was just about in tears I guess he had no idea, so I am excited to get to know him.
 I can't believe how fast it is going. The first couple of mornings have been really rough here, like I really do miss Fort Frances, I have been praying a lot and just asking God to let me focus on the now.
Well I know the gospel is true and I can't wait to see what happens this week.
Love you and All of you so much!! :)))
-Elder Clark