Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Week #67

Hello Mother!

We had a great week! ha

On Tuesday we continued to visit all the churches, as we were walking and talking with everyone we found a lot of people to teach. Later that night we went to open mic night! I did a drum solo for about 4 minuets! And we got 2 potential investigators from it! gotta use your talents for the gospel. I didn't mess up at all and it was a really good solo. On Wednesday we set up an appointment with a Mennonite pastor who we will be teaching this Wednesday. I have taught a lot of pastors on my mission, it is fun. 

Every Wednesday we do service at the MCC thrift store. The people there are really starting to like us. There is this one German lady there and I try to learn the language she is funny. Then on Wednesday night we went to the baptist bible study and we found someone to teach from it! we are teaching him tomorrow evening. Thursday was a little slow, but we found stuff to do, we ended up playing basketball with the Filipinos,

Every Friday we have service at the soup kitchen. Which is at the Grace Mennonite church. The people love us there! we are really getting out in the community here. Things are going good. Friday evening we went to the Filipino basketball game and we are making really good connections there. Saturday was good too. We have service at MCC and We found 2 Filipinos to teach there. One of them said my cousin is an elder in the Philippines and my aunt is a Mormon. I said great can we teach you? We saw Roel again in the store on Saturday, he is Filipino as well, he said he would be at basketball tonight, so I sat with him at basketball and he said we could teach him as well. We found a lot of people this week just from service and from walking everywhere.

Well the snow finally came and it won't leave until may.

Guess what?? I am singing The First Noel in a fireside next week in Winnipeg all by myself...... so it will be fun.  There are some members in our ward that just moved from the Tri Cities to Winnipeg....well to each their own hey?

anyway the gospel is true and the book is blue.
love you and all of you so much!
-Elder Clark :)

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