Monday, November 4, 2013

Week #65

Hello mother,
 I literally miss that area so much mom. It is kinda of hard for me to adjust right now in my new area, because I miss Fort Frances so much and care about all of the people there a lot. Yeah I think this area is going to be hard as well. The church isn't established, 80% of the community are Mennonites and very strong in their faith, and  there is only  about 3 families that are members here, and no less actives. So we are literally starting from scratch. But that's OK because God wouldn't send us here unless he knew that the area was ready. Brother Valdez, who is a Filipino, lives here in Steinbach. He is the President of the Filipino community....and there is 500 Filipinos here haha so we are going to really work with the Filipinos. We are going to just start a branch here somehow haha. But yeah my companion is from BC he is really good. His name is elder Hodacsek and well he likes to just do everything, and it is very  refreshing,  like I am getting a break. It will be an interesting transfer. We plan on just getting really involved in the community here. Also, there are a lot of Germans here.
The week has been good though, we are just trying to figure out what to do. President does not want us tracting. I am thinking it will be really slow for awhile. But I bet things will pick up.
 So We went to church on Sunday and the second councilor in the bishopric is Ed Grynols nephew. I told him that I baptized his uncle last Sunday and he was just about in tears I guess he had no idea, so I am excited to get to know him.
 I can't believe how fast it is going. The first couple of mornings have been really rough here, like I really do miss Fort Frances, I have been praying a lot and just asking God to let me focus on the now.
Well I know the gospel is true and I can't wait to see what happens this week.
Love you and All of you so much!! :)))
-Elder Clark

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