Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Week #68

Hello mother,
Sounds like you did have the best Sunday ever.
Well this week was really really good. The zone leaders came down to exchange with us and it went well. We were very busy this week because it snowed and when it snows we just walk around with shovels all day and just shovel peoples drive ways, we found some people from it too.
Wednesday we were really busy with service and we went to the baptist bible study again, but I think that will be the last time we will go because they were being pretty rude about other religions. Also on Wednesday we taught Pastor Stan and he had a a lot of good questions. He became a new investigator too. We have an appointment with him next Wednesday. He had a lot of good points that he brought up and as I took the questions in prayer I was able to find the answers in my personal study. My testimony has grown of personal study, we really can receive personal revelation. It was really good.
We did have some opposition this week but nothing too bad. A pastor didn't want us at the activities at his church which is fine.
Also our service is getting cut back, mainly because we did too much and now they don't really need us.  When I see a Filipino in the store I just go up and say Kamusta ka! and they get all excited that I can speak their language. A lot of Filipinos have family and friends that are Mormon and so they always say that we can come over. Hopefully we will be meeting with Roel this week who is a Filipino.
Things are going really good though. It is getting really cold already it was -30 the last few days ha. Last night I sang a solo at a fireside, I sang The First Noel. It went good....I think.
We are going to open mic night tomorrow actually so that will be fun, I don't know what we are doing yet though.
We just got a media referral. Apparently there is a lady from Jamaica 5 min away from us and her husband and family are LDS and she wants to learn, so that is a huge miracle!! we will hopefully meet with her this week :)
Well it is crazy that I will be talking to you in about 30 days........
I really love being out here. I can't not even explain to you how much it has helped me and changed my life.
Love you and all of you so much!
-Elder Clark :)

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