Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week #48

This week was really good. Monday we found 4 new investigators from playing basketball and we will be teaching them again this week.
Well we had a miracle....starting next week we have a less active family that told President Tovey they would be coming back weekly. The Osters are coming back for good they said starting next Sunday! :) patience is real. We have been working with them for 4 months and it really did pay off. I think telling people in the right setting that their eternal salvation is at stake really gets them thinking, because I told them that. We have a book of Mormon class starting up and we might be having a non member show up she is prepared she went to the church growing up.

On Wednesday night, we went to visit a former branch president. He told us the same story over and over, so I just asked him....do you love god? do you love him enough to keep his commandments? then why aren't you doing it? then I  asked him how it felt to go through the temple with his wife. He said great.... I then said,  then why aren't you keeping your covenants? it was the neatest thing I asked him if he wanted to be with his family forever and he said yes, I said then how will that happen. He said, well be an example and be there for them and plus we were sealed in the temple. I told him the blessing is for those who qualify and right now.  I told him....why do you think I'm here? he said because it's a commandment to be on a mission and you want to share the gospel and your doing what you should be doing...I said...your wrong.....I told him I was out here because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I asked him....do you realize that the atonement can help you overcome the hurt feeling that you have been through? he said yes I know that, I understand that. I said no you don't, you don't understand that one bit. I then bore my testimony of the Savior and Atonement, and many more things did I say. He just sat there and he began to cry he felt the spirit so much, and then we just showed him an increase of love and I told him that we loved him and he said he loved us too. When you love and serve them you can teach them and they don't get offended. They know it's because you love them.And before we left, he said....I'm going to talk to my brother about all this and coming back to church. I really think we can get these former branch president's back. I love these guys a lot and the great thing is that they love us too.

Then we got back on Saturday and we were heading to the church and I had the prompting to stop by Kenny's house. He told us that Doug Olson's wife was in the hospital and that she needed a blessing, we hurried and went to the hospital and gave her a blessing. Doug thought we were still in Saskatchewan so he didn't know who to call or get and so he was worried and then we showed up and gave her a blessing and I told him if it wasn't for that prompting we wouldn't be here. Then yesterday we saw Kenny Olson and he said that he was on the phone with Doug yesterday and Doug was all worried because we were in SK and so Kenny went and prayed and felt that everything would be OK and then seconds later we showed up at Kenny's house....I love the spirit and I am glad I listened to it. I am confident that if we keep working with these two that we can get them back.

Well I love you and love all of you so much. I know the church is true! 
All is Well:)
 -Elder Clark

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