Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Week #49

Well I don't really know how to explain how crazy our week was, but I will try.
On Tuesday we had our zone training meeting, Elder Weeks and myself had the idea to do like a TRC (teaching resource center) situation like in the MTC. So we did our portion on Listening in chapter 10 of PMG, (Preach my gospel) and what we did was  have less actives and members come and pretend to play investigators, and so the missionaries had the opportunity to teach these people. One of our less active member Grad Wagner brought 2 of his non member friends, their names were Paige and Chris. Paige told me that she was only here for the food and didn't care about religion. She even told me that she was an atheist, and that she was going to let the elders have it with all the questions she has. I said perfect, just be yourself haha. So the elders are teaching her and she just starts crying and they invited her to come to church and she said yes! hah. Later that day however...Brad Wagner's wife's brother Joe, shot himself in Brad's house....Paige and Chris were very good friends with Joe. It was weird for me too because I was just talking to Joe 3 weeks ago and he was wanting to change his life and now all this happened. So later that day we went to go visit Brad and we gave him a Priesthood blessing and then gave Paige a blessing as well...she was crying at the end of the blessing and we were able to teach her and her boyfriend, and now they are new investigators. What a miracle, her view of God has totally changed.
We went to Kenora on exchanges this week and we got up at 4:30 in the morning and went fishing!  I caught like 2 fish and another elder caught a big Bass and so we cut them open and then had a fish fry for lunch ha.
Some other crazy stuff has been happening....we taught a less active who hasn't been to church in 15 years and he came to church this Sunday. We had a good turn out this Sunday we were close to getting 20 people there, but Satan pulled out the big guns! I just got out of a Branch Presidency meeting and it was good, I brought up the idea of doing a movie night every Saturday. The members are so on board and so I hope they invite their friends!. President Tovey is so on board for member missionary work. Their is a harvest about to happen! We kind of have a youth group going. On Wednesday we have 6 non member young men coming out to play basketball, so hopefully we can start teaching their family.
So we taught a former Branch President and his wife, and we invited them to church and they said yes...I was so shocked. When Sunday came around, they didn't show up....I was Ticked! my goodness. Luckily we have to Osters coming back and brother Oster wants to be in charge of the movie night, so that is good he wants to get involved with missionary work.
Other than that this week has just been crazy with Joe and everything. I'm just ready to go out and keep giving it all that I can. We have a goal of getting 23 people to church this week, so I'm ready to hit the streets!
Well honestly it feels unreal that I have been out here a year....it is going way to fast mom. It is so hot and humid here......it's like you freeze all winter and sweat all summer there is no in between.
I know that the power of the Priesthood is real, that God is really there, that Jesus Christ extends his arm to all. This gospel is true, this church is the only true church....and I know all of this to be true.
All is Well:)))
-Elder Clark

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