Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Week 45


The weather here is so humid......my goodness I am sweating like a dog. I am getting into shape too with the gym that we go to. We bought some squash rackets at the  Salvation Army for 3 dollars...the lady there just loves us ha. The summer is already going by fast. Transfer calls are this week and I think I will probably be  staying in the area for a while longer.  President told me I would be staying most likely because I'm in the branch presidency. I had to call a meeting on Sunday and help us as a council get on our feet because we have to get this branch functioning like a ward. I love the people here though :)
On exchanges with elder McDanel, we went to go see Kenny Olson, a former branch president. We talked to him a lot and he discussed his problems with us. We testified of the atonement and helped him understand that Christ will help you get through all of this and he is the the only one who can because he has gone through it for you. He was very receptive and  really started crying. We are stopping by this week to say hello to his wife again and to set something up for dinner. Also, a less active member who has been less active for years, really likes us. Her son Brett who is almost 16 told his mom, "These are the best missionaries we have ever had." We played her son and all of his friends in basketball with our white shirts and ties on and beat them 20-3 ha. But it was really good because now Brett and all of his friends,  are going to come play basketball at the church this Tuesday and we are going to give them a church tour. I feel  being her sons friend and getting him to try and come to church is softening her heart.

Some of our less actives have been out of town due to some summer vacations, but I'm pretty sure they are all back so we can visit them more. Well Zach didn't get baptized.... His mom just changed her mind at the last minuet. Zach was thinking about even going on a mission, but his family is really against the church.

We were able to teach President Tovey's wife this week and President Tovey said that we are the only missionaries that she has ever been receptive to!!, and now she wants us to come back and do dinner again. Sometimes we are not always able to teach the less active right then and there, sometimes we just visit to show that support and love and I think it helps them a lot. Now, if we can get this branch functioning like a ward, then I think the less actives will come back with the help of the members reaching out.

We taught the Osters on Saturday night and played Jenga with them. Sister Oster really felt the spirit, I think brother Oster might have something deeper...But at the end of the lesson they began to bring up the same concerns, and I just stopped them right there and just told them how it was... I told them that Satan doesn't want them to be together for eternity and told them it kills me to see how many blessings your family is missing out on. Elder Camarena and I worked as a team and just taught and testified all by the spirit. On Sunday Sister Oster and Boden came to church!!!!! and she looked very happy to be there. All the members were standing around with them and talking to Boden. It was a miracle. We have been working with them for 3 months.....I know that if we do all we can no matter how long it takes, that when the lord is ready, he will do his part in his own time.
We had a soccer tournament on Saturday and the community loves us. Soccer has helped us so much to show the community that we are here to help out. After soccer we went to the gas station and the girl who was at the cash register was really sad, so we talked to her and now we are meeting with her this week. Also on the way to church, some guy just came up and talked to us and wants us to come over on Wednesday, and said that he really wants to change his life! this work is the best.

I love being a missionary. And I KNOW that this church is true.

All is Well,
-Elder Clark

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