Sunday, June 9, 2013

Week #43

I am 20 years old.....what in the world that is crazy. What am I supposed to do now....I think I'll do missionary work.
Well this week was another great week. We are still just trying to break down the barriers here in Fort Frances. On Tuesday we were walking back to our apartment and this guy Randy stopped us and said that he senses that we are good guys and that he feels that he needs this in his life right now. We got his info and everything so we are trying to set up an appointment to meet with him.  Elder McDanel and I were on Exchanges  and we taught Father Wayne. We really laid the hammer down in a loving way. I am not sure if we will continue to meet with him, because he seems pretty lost and doesn't seem to listen to what we teach him, he just wants to play "20 Questions" it seems like. He doesn't believe what he preaches on Sunday too so it is a little strange.
On Thursday we gave a less active member Karen Jensen a priesthood blessing. She was going through some struggles and it had really helped her. She came to church again so that was the third time in a row that she came. We met with the Osters on Thursday night and their  son Boden asked us for a priesthood blessing as well. That boy could be such a powerful missionary. He wants to go back to church more than the parents, and he is only 11. The Osters had us over for supper and we just bore testimony that things are going wrong in their life because they don't have the gospel. The spirit was so strong there and you could see them just feeling it. We just need to keep working with them.

On Friday we met with some less active members and their hang up is the word of wisdom. We just asked them if they were even going to live it?  They said no. We then asked them if they even care about what we come and teach them? It threw them back a little and they had to think. Then they just started making excuses about how there is a difference between being an alcoholic and just having one drink. They don't see a problem with just one drink. I just stopped them right there and told them there is a huge difference. I told them there is a difference because either you don't want to follow God's commandments or you do. I told them that God loved them so much, but asked them if they loved God if they were willing to do the things that he asked them. The spirit was so strong and Elder Camarena and I just laid the hammer down in such a loving way and they just had nothing to say at all.  Not once did they speak while we testified and taught them principles of the Gospel. You could see them just really thinking about everything we were telling them.  I really think that the trick to teaching less actives is having a love, serve, then teach relationship with them. When you love and serve them they trust you and then you can "boldly" teach them.
This week was great though. We were just contacting people a lot. So this lady told Elder Camarena that she didn't want to listen to him because she said that we told her that her dogs don't go to heaven. So I asked him if he asked her if she had ever seen that movie, All Dogs Go to Heaven haha. He said no and I thought that defeats the purpose of God because he just doesn't create things without a purpose he is a God of order. So we looked it up in the bible and the scriptures and found the answer and asked President about it and he said the same thing that God doesn't create something without a purpose. So on Monday we saw her walking her dog and I said Elder there she is, so we parked the car and walked around the corner so we could be in her path and I said hello. She said hi and I asked her if she had ever talked to the missionaries. I used a missionary approach just to talk with her and then she said yeah but I don't believe in what you say and so I said pardon? Then she said, well you don't believe that my dog goes to heaven. So then I said, what do you mean?? That defeats the purpose of God he just doesn't create something for no reason...and then boom a huge 180 happened. She loves us now. She is so solid too. Every church has told her the same thing and now she is thinking about meeting with us and letting us teach her the gospel. Turns out she went to the church a bunch when she was growing up. Now she honks and waves to us all the time on the streets.
 Guess what? I am learning some Ojibwa (native language) hah!
I sure have a testimony of the gospel! It has brought me so much happiness. :) 
All is well,
-Elder Clark

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