Monday, June 10, 2013

Week #44


Well we had a good week this week.
A members daughter who is less active has been against the church and missionaries for a long long time and just last week she randomly stopped us on the road and wants us out for a BBQ she likes us a lot and her husband is not a member and she has two kids = Potential! So that was really neat to see. Man we have just been working over and over again with these less actives and a less active family almost came to church yesterday but some how just  didn't.... :( it is so hard sometimes. But that is OK just gotta get back on the horse. The only way these less actives are coming back to church is if the members help us and reach out. The branch president is a great great guy but he has only been a member for a year and I think he just sometimes doesn't know what to do. So I have just been going through the handbook like crazy and I just need to bring it up in the next branch council meeting and just show them things that we should be doing. Because we are not really doing much. But it will all get better and it will start booming :)
Well a miracle happened the other day. We went to go stop by a former branch president who is less active and his wife is less active too and she as well hates the church and the missionaries, but She was sitting outside and we went to go talk to her and I had her laughing and smiling and now she wants to have us over for supper :) so that is a huge step.
Zach's interview for baptism is this Tuesday and he is getting baptized this Saturday and he has asked me to baptize him :) I am so grateful for this work mom. It is the hardest thing I have ever done but it is so rewarding.
Elder Camarena has been making Mexican food like crazy. His home made salsa is SO goodness it burns my mouth but tastes so good. Also we have been working out at a gym at like 6:00 in the morning it is 2 minuets away from our apartment.
Well all is going well over here. This week will be really busy with getting everything ready for Zach's baptism and also working with these less actives.

 All is Well, 
-Elder Clark

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