Monday, January 28, 2013

Week #26

My week was so good and exhausting. We worked so hard this week! It was fantastic. We had two investigators show up at church yesterday. And Justin, who is 15 years old, felt the spirit very strong. We taught him about prayer and the Holy Ghost and said that it's through the Holy Ghost that we can come to know truth. The spirit works through our feelings. I then told him that for me it feels very warm in my body like I'm getting a big hug, and then Justin said, "yeah the first time I prayed I felt chills throughout my whole body." When we first taught Justin he had no idea what or who God was. He wants to keep coming back to church too! And we stopped by this former investigator and she brought up the concern right there and she set up an appointment for us to come and teach her and her family! It was neat. A lot of great things are happening in our area and I know that the Lord's hand is in it. Everything is just ahhh so good! The ward is finally warming up to us and the bishop is really starting to trust us, we are seeing great success! I have been working out a lot and bench pressing! I feel really good....and....I made a deal with Sister Basting, one of the senior missionaries in the office, to stop drinking mountain dew.... :( haha she is funny.

I have been out for almost 7 months! It is going by way too fast. I had a youth come up to me yesterday, he's 14, and he said I better not get transferred soon. It was neat because he had never really seemed interested when I would talk to him at church. I guess when you make people feel important and that they are worth something and just talk to them and make them laugh it has an effect on them. I am really starting to love the people here. I often think to myself about my experiences in Dauphin but I'm grateful for the miracles I see everyday. When we were planing on Saturday we were thinking of what people we could ask for referrals and so we prayed and listened and looked at a list of members. I had a feeling that we needed to ask a certain person for a referral. We called the Sisters to see if they were still working with this less-active lady and they said yes, but then they said that she wants missionaries to teach her sister and that her sister is in our ward. It is great how the Lord works :)

I'm lost in the work :)
I know without a doubt that this work is real and that the Book of Mormon is true 

All is well,
-Elder Clark

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