Friday, January 4, 2013

Week #22

Well this week had been a crazy one. After I got done talking to the family we went over to a Filipino family's home and had a Christmas lunch there, wow it was really good. After that we had supper at Belatu's and she made her spicy chicken and it was even hotter this time. Wednesday was boxing day, which is basically like black Friday and it was crazy everyone was gone shopping so we didn't do to much that day. Thursday we went on exchanges with the zone leaders and I went with Elder Moojalsky. We stopped by this guy named Kelly and he is a really interesting character. After that we went and visited another person, but he ended up not being home, and so we tracted around his house and we ended up tracting into a family from the Congo and we taught them. The spirit was really strong and amazing, miracles took place. They wanted us to come back and the mother speaks french and cannot speak English, but can understand it really good and at the end of the lesson she turned to her kids and talked to them and they said, "my mom said thank you for coming because we have all been spiritually fed, and that you have planted a seed in good soil." It was super neat! After that we went to a supper appointment with the Liston family (a Filipino family) the food was still really good like always. The Filipinos are funny people and they treat you like family I love them a lot. They wanted to take a picture after so we did and it was a good thing I brought my camera. On Friday we planned for a bit and then had a meeting with president. All I can say is that this transfer is going to be a wild one.

Saturday we taught those kids we met from our sports night activity and it went really good. It was the second time we taught them and they want us to keep coming over and teaching them. The oldest one is 15 and he is friends with one of the young men in the ward. After that we went and met with some elders to see how they were doing and we took them out to Dairy Queen. We then stopped by a less active who we were trying to get a hold of forever and she was finally home, what a blessing it was! 

Sunday was crazy though! We had one of our less-active members who we have been teaching show up to church!! and she hasn't been coming to church for a very long time so it was good to see her. After church we had an appointment with Belatu and she made this super good food it was like a thick pancake that looked like a sponge and tasted like sourdough bread and spicy meat and salad and you just ate it with your hands. It was really good. Oh also on Saturday we went and visited a Filipino former investigator and they ended up feeding us Filipino spaghetti! Wow it sure was good and now we are going to be seeing them again soon. 

I'll be in Regina today until Thursday for exchanges with the Zone leaders and then we will be having Zone leader Council up here as well, Tomorrow we are going to America with President!! We are going to help him look for some new areas to put missionaries in. Transfer planning is next week.... should be an interesting one. My face is getting fat! I have been eating out so much because we are always on the road! 

All is well,
-Elder Clark

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