Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Week #24

This week we had supper with a less active lady and she is the best. Her boyfriend is a really good cook he makes the best Italian food. Then we did transfer planning with president and Elder McDanel is going to Warroad, Minnesota serving with the best person ever Elder Wolford!!! I love that kid so much! He is sooo weird!! But he is the best he just makes you laugh. But Elder Moojalsky will be serving with me as the new assistant!! I am so excited! He is a really great elder and we get along really good. I really know that he is supposed to be in the office with me. His name was in the back of my mind a couple days before transfer planning and when his picture was put up to mine is just felt right. I am a little nervous  though because I have to run the show now, everything is on me now. But I know it will work out. 

I had a neat experience the last couple of days were I was just praying and asking Heavenly Father for guidance just with all the stress I was going through, and I had a dream where I went teaching with these other elders and when they were teaching this lady the first thing they said was, "so you need to read the Book of Mormon and D&C and we want you to be baptized. What's holding you back?" And they were saying all of this without letting her speak..... and I was yelling at the elders saying "the first few moments with an investigator are really important, investigators must learn to trust you!!!" ( of course i would never yell though) but I said that exact same thing it says in PMG with How To Begin Teaching. I didn't think much of the dream until last night. Elder McDanel and I went to a supper appointment with some other elders and they were teaching this less active brother and his wife is not a member. They were teaching the sabbath day, and it just looked like all they wanted was a result. It didn't seem like they cared about the guy. While one elder taught, the other one zoned out. When we came out of the lesson we talked about it and were saying how they could have taught his wife and just all these other things. And I randomly said "their focus was about getting a result, rather than establishing a relationship." It just hit me that it tied into my dream. It was a testimony to me that revelation is real and that the Lord is there for me and is helping me see and learn things so that when I have to present training I will know what to do. The Lord is just so neat. I love this gospel a lot. 

This week I ate Balut! It is an undeveloped duck egg that the Filipinos eat! So I cracked open the egg and inside was a baby duck fetus... You could see its eyes, feet, body and beak! And I ate that whole thing. I smashed it. It was pretty insane when I was first eating it. I thought i was gonna throw up but I just did it! I will send pictures as soon as I get them from the other elders. 

Then this week we were able to have sports night again and it was a really good turn out. Our investigators came and they brought their family and cousins and we got 4 new investigators from it. So we were able to go and teach them, it was really neat.

For the rest of my life I am always going to live by this, (it's found in PMG pg 4):
Honor Christ name by your actions.

All is well, 
-Elder Clark

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