Monday, February 4, 2013

Week #27

Time is flying by like crazy!! We have 18 missionaries coming soon it is going to be a crazy transfer. The ward is warming up to us! I love my mission it is so great out here! Canada is the place to be on a mission!

Well here is my week!

The work here is going great. We had one of our investigators come to church yesterday. He's 19. Last Sunday him and his cousin came and his cousin Justin is 15 so we took them to the youth class since the one that is 19 is in grade 12, but it was just him at church this Sunday. Next time I think we will take him to priesthood, because he likes one of the girls in the youth class.....hahah uh oh.... We also had 2 less actives at church. The work is moving forward and we are really starting to re-establish our area as assistants. We have received a referral from Thompson and one at Clear Lake. Both want to meet with missionaries really badly but the only problem is that we have no missionaries close to that. I called the guy from Thompson and he said we couldn't come meet with him at his house because it wasn't safe there. Apparently Thompson is full of a lot of crime. I guess it is really bad up there. So he said he was coming to Winnipeg this week and hopefully we can meet with him and teach him about the gospel! I wish Elder Moojalsky and I could just go up to Clear Lake and teach that lady and also go to Thompson and teach him. We could teach him at the branch up there and I could have someone put in a good word for me. Bev Watson is from Dauphin and lived in Thompson all her life so she could definitely put in a good word. It probably won't happen but it would be neat if we could just travel up there and teach the Gospel.

You wouldn't believe how healthy I am! I'm off of Mountain Dew and I have only been eating vegetables and fruit and meat here and there and have been on a crazy workout routine! My body is in great shape. 

We are teaching a family now! They used to all have baptismal dates so hopefully we can help them come unto Christ. We had a good amount of teaching this week but last night we had a power lesson with the Bergen family, some members from our ward, and the dad isn't a member. Sunday morning we were studying for them. I didn't know what to study, I had no idea and I wasn't having a good study so I went into the bathroom got on my knees and talked with Heavenly Father, just asking him for direction and help. After I was done praying, a certain topic in Preach My Gospel came into my mind and it was "The Book Of Mormon Draws People Nearer To God." I studied that and as I was studying it I had the insight to just share with them the first vision and go into the Book of Mormon. During companion study I asked Elder Moojalsky what he studied and he shared and then he also said, "I had the insight that we should teach them the first vision and go into the book of Mormon". I know that the Lord prepared us for that lesson with that family. The spirit was so strong in that lesson that Heavenly Father let us teach.

It is cold here........

All is well,
-Elder Clark 

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