Sunday, June 1, 2014

Week #94


Well the week has been good and weird at the same time. Its been good we have kept busy. Its just weird because Elder Erickson is saying good bye to a lot of people. I am staying super focused though. So my new companion is Elder Simister!!!!! He is a great missionary.  I know him really well and we are pretty good friends. I am so excited.  We are going to work work work. Elder Simister had a scholarship for basketball he played basketball for Dixie state University.  There is a huge group of Filipinos that play basketball outside around 7:00 they will be amazed! Ha.
We met with Denise Freisen who is a returning less active that we have been working with. We taught her on Friday and we had Brother Larson with us. We watched the restoration with her and then we got in the topic of God, and heaven and hell. And the lessons was kinda of going all over. But then Brother Larson mentioned about temple work and why we do it, so everyone can be taught the gospel and receive the ordinances as well. And her eyes got all big and she started balling and balling. She said she was struggling about the temple. She didn't know why it was important she said she felt the spirit so strong!! It was an amazing experience for all of us. Her and her son came to church and the spirit is really working on her.

Speaking of church......One of our companionship goal before Elder Erickson left was to have 30 people at out meeting. Well yesterday WE HAD 30 PEOPLE ATTEND OUR MEETING. We had 6 investigators and a less active family. The stake president heard the news and is making an appointment with Brother Valdez to start talking about Steinbach and where to go from here and what the next steps need to be.

the work is real
Love all of you so much:)
-Elder Clark

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