Monday, June 30, 2014

Week #98

well we had a really crazy and good week. We were out of our area for most of the week because we had to go down to International Falls Minnesota to help with the flooding down here. Its was really bad there was a lot of people loosing their homes, but we got most of the houses all sandbagged so the houses should be fine.  When we got back to our area we were able to still see miracles we taught all day Friday and found 2 investigators they are Filipino. Saturday we went to summer in the city to go to the Valdez booth to get food we got it for free since we are the elders ha. But after that we went to Winnipeg for destiny's baptism.  We got the font ready but we had a problem the water was freezing we couldn't figure how to get it running. We tried everything even went to the hot water tank and it wasn't working. So I told everyone we should pray so we all knelt down and prayed and after the prayer we got up and as we were walking back to the font I saw this breaker panel.  I opened it up and there was a switch that said hot water.....but it was on it wasn't off and so for some reason I just switched it off and then back on and hot water started pouring out! Haha. I love it when little small miracles happen. that is about it for our week. This week we are getting Chris ready for baptism. We have another baptism coming up in 2 weeks so we are just getting him ready for his interview for baptism.
It was really nice to visit an old area of mine and see some great people before I finish my mission.    

I know that the church is true.
> love ya mom and love ya everyone
> -Elder Clark

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