Thursday, January 2, 2014

Week # 's 72 &73

This is from Kay:
On Christmas we got to Skype with Robert. It was such a wonderful experience to be able to talk to him and see his cute personality. He is working so hard at being a missionary and because of his hard work he has experienced great reward. He was so funny telling us about all of the different languages he is learning. The Mission President is sending him some language study for Tagalog. He rattled off some words and we were laughing so hard. He is so funny, but knowing Robert he will learn it and will be able to communicate with the Filipino people there in Steinbach. When he got transferred to this new area there hadn't been missionaries for over 20 years. President Thomas said to him, now I will really see what you are made of. His last area 3 people showed up for church and when he got transferred there were 25 and the new missionaries are keeping it going. I am so proud of his efforts and him. Can't wait to see him in July, but I know he would just stay there if he could. Roberts letter for the week is below. A short letter as we just talked at Christmas. Love that boy.
 SO we taught the De Vera's family on Monday and we shared the restoration with them. As we were reciting the first vision she started crying. She felt the spirit so much and the it was neat. The family is so ready and so prepared. We also had a giant feast of Filipino food before we had the lesson. By the way I have perfected my spring rolls, they are amazing. And on Saturday we found a new investigator, his name is Jaryn, and he is really interested in what we believe. He comes from a big Mennonite family. He doesn't understand why other churches are teaching about our religion in their churches and want to know from us. And he says that he doesn't really know if he believes in god any more, but he is wiling to learn and read and pray. We are excited. Our next appointment with him is on Wednesday

But even with Christmas we still had a good week and found more people to teach. I Know that the work really is true. I can not deny how true the restored gospel of Jesus Christ really is.

Love you and all of you so much.
-Elder Clark :)

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