Monday, January 27, 2014

Week #77

Well our week was busy, which is a good thing.

We had a lot of appointments, they weren't all teaching appointments, but they were appointments where we were able to build relationships, which is exactly what this place needs. So on Wednesday night we went to see our friend Alvin Garcia, a Filipino. He fed us straight pig fat! it was really good, but really bad for us. After he fed us we were able to share the restoration with him. We asked him if we could share more and he wants to have us share more when we teach the De Vera family, so hopefully we will get an appointment soon with them and then we can teach all of them together. Thursday I dropped off elder Wilson at the transfer meeting and picked up my new companion Elder Erickson. We are excited to work together. Right when he got here we were busy with meeting all of the people. We are doing language study every morning,  he is also learning Tagalog and he is doing really good.

Our next door neighbor is Filipino and so we made them pan seit one time and then went to go say hi the other day and she couldn't really understand English so we had to speak in Tagalog as best as we could and she understood. We asked her if we could practice teaching about Jesus Christ in Tagalog and if she could help us and she said yeah! so we will kill two birds with one stone.

Things are starting to pick up here which is good. We have a service opportunity twice a week which will keep us busy on top of all the people that we have become friends with, I don't think we will see a branch out here anytime soon, because all of the ward leadership at the church we go to in Winnipeg lives in Steinbach so the stake president does not want to jump the gun on anything yet, so it will be a slow process but it will all be good.

We are learning the first lesson in Tagalog it is really hard, we asked the Valdez's if we could practice on them before our visit with our neighbors so we don't look dumb and they said yes, which will be good.

 Yes I am now on facebook.  I will be using it to contact a lot of Filipinos. There are two things that Filipinos love, karaoke and facebook. We will be on it for an hour everyday when we can. It would be good if you could have family members add me. I will be adding a lot of people from Fort Frances so I can continue to do missionary work.

I had a good nap today

Well I know that this work is true Thank you for your support and helping me get to this point in my life.
love you and all of you so much! :))
-Elder Clark

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