Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Week #75

Hello mother,

Yeah the weather has warmed up a bit, it is about -16 today it is nice and warm. Brother Famini died he was an old Filipino member in our ward. Elder Wilson and I mad Pan seit for the funeral and all the Filipinos were impressed.

Well this week was a lot better than the week before, because we didn't have -40 crazy weather. We taught the De Vera family and they accepted the invitation to be baptized, we just need to set a solid date with them. But they are excited. I bore my testimony to them in Tagalog during the lesson! We have been also teaching this guy named Jaryn. He is about our age. He seems pretty interested, so we shall see how it goes. Other than that we have just been trying to stay busy here. I feel like we are still scratching at the bottom of the barrel here, so it is a little bit of a challenge. I contacted 3 people on the street this week in Tagalog and they understood me perfectly, which is pretty good. I have just been trying really hard to learn the language.  The reason  I'm learning the language is because, 1 there are tons of Filipinos here, 2 the pastor at the Evangelical Mennonite Church speaks Tagalog and he is winning the hearts of the people.  I will do the same. 

So we had a movie night on Saturday. Guess what we watched?? haha. We watched Mobsters and Mormons! we thought it would be a good one for the city to watch. We had 2 potentials show up, but if we keep doing it we should be able to get a lot more people. We had 2 member families come too and that was really good. We will have to keep doing the movie nights.

Everything is going good. We are just trying to keep busy here. Hopefully we will see some miracles soon.

I know that this work is real. It is like a roller coaster. And can be so challenging and so rewarding at the same time.

Here are the dates for when the transfers are. We have transfers on January 23rd, March 6th, April 17th, May 29th, & July 10th.

I will send a lot more pictures next Monday, We were in a rush today and I forgot my camera at the Apartment sorry :(

Well I love you a lot mom, and I love all of you.
-Elder Clark

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