Monday, October 21, 2013

Week #63

Hello Mother,

Well this week was just great. This whole transfer all we have been doing is teaching. It feels great. On Monday we taught a Lutheran pastor. We have a return appointment with him next week. He actually wants to understand our religion, he is interested, so he is an investigator. Pastors are really fun to teach. We also saw Nancy and Ed this week. Ed wants to get baptized. Interesting about ed is that he was an atheist, The Gospel is true! Also, We traveled to Warroad and went on exchanges. That was a good training opportunity.
When we came home we were just busy with appointments. The members are the secret to missionary work, along with just work. We have been trying to just pace through members and investigators. Oh and by the way, this will make dad We have been helping an investigator restore his car.  We have been helping him and building things. And I have been welding some steel with him. I still got the touch! a little rusty but I got the touch still! it has literally been so much fun. I Would really like to get welding down. Anyway it has really helped soften his heart that we have been helping him.
Saturday was super super fun. The Osters set up a lunch appointment with Jessica and Ethan. So we had lunch and I taught Ethan how to drum and then we taught the Restoration. They said that they are really open to learn. The Osters are setting up another appointment with them. Sister Nicholson set up a dinner appointment with us and her non-members son. We taught him the plan of salvation and she is also going to set up another appointment for us with him. This is the best way  to find and teach people,  through the members of the church. The Osters are just wonderful. You will have to meet them one day. I would love for you all to meet them.
I can't believe that I am leaving. There is a foundation laid here for missionaries to build the kingdom. Before I leave we are going to try and get 30 people to church by saying it is my last Sunday! haha we will see what happens.
It is -4 today and snowing. I bought a nice fur hat. I am ready for winter. I am so thankful for you I really do miss you and love you all so much. I am just physically tired. Not tired of missionary work, just physically tired, and now its about to get cold and bitter but am no quitter. You truly have to have a testimony of the gospel when you are out in -40 or -50..... ;)
Love you all so much. I know that god is loving and he will never let us fail, if we turn to him first.
love you mom :)
-Elder Clark

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