Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week #62

Hello mother,
We this morning we had interviews with president over the Internet. And He told me he was going to take me out of Fort Frances, which was well expected. But I don't know were he is going to put me. He is opening new areas that don't have the church established in them. He said "I'm opening up some new areas that don't have the church there at all and will need some missionaries to establish the church there, I'll probably send you to one of them and see what you're really made out of." hahah So I do know that I am getting transferred, but just don't know where yet. Transfer calls are not until next Friday so we will see.
Well it is starting to get cold again. I am ready for Round 2 of winter. I bought myself a nice fur hat to keep me extra warm this winter. 
We had quiet the week in Fort Frances! Tuesday we went to go help Ed with some service and then after that we went to Kenora to go on exchanges with our district leader. Mom I am so good at Tie Trading..... Like I have some of the nicest paisleys.....haha It's all about the sales pitch eh. haha but I traded this tie from this elder in Kenora and by the time we were leaving he really wanted his tie back haha. It is a purple paisley with nice blue in it. Anyway back to missionary work...We came home Thursday and we went and taught Nancy and Ed and they are just so ready fro baptism, they just need to act. I would really love to see them baptized before I leave.
Saturday we had movie night and we watched The Other Side of Heaven. Sister Oster Invited her friend Jessica to come to movie night and she came. I coached Jessica's son Ethan in soccer! so I Know them pretty well. After the movie Jessica asked for a priesthood blessing, because she was going through some hard times. She asked me to give the Blessing, and so I did. Elder Shepherd and I talked about the blessing. And I was like do you think she liked it? like felt the spirit? we both didn't know because she was just really quiet afterward. So we just thought to ourselves that she did. So Sister Oster talked to us yesterday and said "Elders Elders! I am so happy." she said that Jessica and her were emailing on facebook after movie night. She said Jessica loved movie night and wants to keep coming. Then she told us that Jessica loved the blessing.  Jessica said, "I don't know how to tell you how I felt, I have never experienced anything that before in my life...I don't know how to put it in words, but I felt like a weight was lifted, I have never felt something like that before". Then she told Sister Oster that she wants to come to church. We are teaching her this Saturday!!!!
Elder Shepherd will carry this area no problem he is a good elder. We have had a lot of fun serving together.
Well mom I miss you so much! and miss the family. It won't be to long until we are all together again. I know that the Gospel is true.
Love you and all of you so much!! :))
-Elder Clark

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