Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Week #60

Hello mother :))

This week wasss sooo gooodd!!! we have been teaching and teaching. We taught an investigator named Levi, and he is very well educated in science. We prayed that we would not be confounded before men. As we taught him we knew exactly what to say and we were not confounded, his very words were, "I'm stumped" he promised to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. We are still teaching Nancy and Ed! they are doing great! This Sunday we sat in the chapel for church. What a rich experience that was to be in the chapel having sacrament meeting. The spirit was strong. I am confident that we can keep it consistent.
The Osters are just doing so good. I know I was sent here for that family mom. It is so wonderful to see them living the gospel and the immediate blessings they are receiving
The gospel is the good news, just like blues clues, and yes the book is true. haha but really everyone needs it.
I love being out here and it is just flying by mom. I only have 9 months left....it is unreal how fast it does go.
love you so much! :))
I am sad that grandma is gone, but I will pray for the family.
Elder Clark :))

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