Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week #61

Hello mother,
Well we did have a good week. Every week is good in Fort Frances. On Tuesday we taught Nancy and Ed and they are just getting closer and closer, we are going to set a date with them this week. They are really progressing in the gospel, both of them came to conference both days! And there was specific talks that were for them and they recognized it. We did teach Levi again, and we really don't know if he's investigating or just trying to debate with us. "He does not believe in god, he believes in science." We are going to just go figure it out with him this week. We also visited Karen and Jeremy this week and Jeremy doesn't believe in god, but we just sat back and asked him inspired questions and he really listened to what we had to say. The best way to teach, is by the spirit. We have also been helping Brad with moving  he teaches me Ojibwa (native language) I have actually learned a lot.  Grandma would have loved to hear me speak native language.
Since Karen is less active we are really trying to reach out to her to strengthen her by serving her boyfriend Jeremy and we helped him lift a car that he is restoring. We were making things to lift it. It was fun I was using the plasma cutter! haha
We have just been busy with teaching and working through the members to find and it is going really good. We still walk everywhere, but no one is out it seems. Well hunting season, and school has started so I think that is why no one is out on the streets but we still try to talk with everyone. We contacted this lady on the street and she said we could come teach her family, she also said that her husband was a pastor for the Lutheran church, so it should be interesting and fun so teach them.
This week is going to fly by, we have to travel to Kenora and go on exchanges, but the drive there is just beautiful. This week will be good, but fast.
I don't really know if I will be staying in Fort Frances next transfer....because president sent Elder Shepherd down here because he felt like he could carry the area, and I feel good about it too. We have a lot of fun together. He is smart. Before his mission he started his own business and he has a five year contract with a company so his whole mission is getting payed for from is business! Pretty neat.
I really do love the Osters! they are such a great family, I know that I was specifically sent to this area for that family mom, I just know that I was sent here for them.
I do know that the gospel is true and that this is the most rewarding way we can live our life. I pray for all of you each day. I do love you all so much.
love love love love you, and all of you! :)
-Elder Clark

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