Monday, March 4, 2013

Week #31

Well this week was sooo busy, I don't even know what happened. So last Monday we were just finishing our P-day. It was about 6:00 eh and all of the sudden President called and said "Pack your bags, I need you to go to Yorktown with me". It is a 6 hour drive to Yorktown and we left at 6. We got there at 11:30 so we made good time. We went to Yorktown to see some missionaries. But, we ended up staying in a hotel....that was weird. I never thought that I would be staying in a hotel on my mission. We left the next day around 12:30 and got home about 5:30 and went straight to a dinner appointment that we had and after that we went to go teach Peter, but he didn't show up. Turns out that he thought we were meeting at his house and not the church.

Wednesday we did some service at a hospital and it was a lot of fun. We got to push old people in their wheel chairs and bring them down to an entertainment show. After that we had another supper appointment and then we went to mutual. And one of the young women brought her friend and wanted to introduce us to her so it went really good. We have been doing this thing lately where we call all the young men and tell them to come to activity and just make them feel important and then they come to activity on Wednesday it is super good.

Friday we had to travel to Brandon to have ZLC and we didn't get back until 6:00 later that night and then we taught Peter. We taught him the importance of prayer and explained that when we pray it is different. That when we pray we try to talk with God and that God speaks back through the Holy Ghost. As we taught it we all kneeled down together and all prayed. First I prayed and then Elder Moojalsky did. We talked about the differences between the prayers and then invited Peter to pray and to ask God a specific question and when you are done to just wait quietly and listen. Peter's question was "Is the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints the true church?" as he ended we waited quietly and after about 2 minutes Peter looked up with a smile on his face and said feels like there is a lump in my heart and that it wants to burst out, and my whole body just feels so peaceful right now. It was an amazing experience to witness Peter receive an answer that this is the true church. I know that this is the true church.
So you know that nice purple paisley tie that I have??? I'm giving it to Peter because he loves the color purple! I am also thinking about getting him some scriptures with his name on it! He is the man. He lives in a big house with a bunch of Nigerians haha and he is studying at UofM on a Government Scholarship. When we went to go teach him at his house we taught him in his room and he goes "Hey Elders you want some coca-cola?" We're like sure haha and so he gets on his bed and pops open his ceiling and grabs some coke and he says "I hide it up here because all my roommates come into my room and take it".

Saturday we taught Peter again. He is getting baptized on March 16th  so we are getting him ready for baptism. On Sunday we had 4 investigators there and 1 less active, it was really good! That is really the highlight of my week. This week will be busy with exchanges and just going out and doing missionary work! 

All is well,
-Elder Clark 

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