Monday, March 18, 2013

Week #33

Well Peter didn't get baptized :( He just doesn't want to disobey his mother and yeah she is just against him getting baptized in this church :/ So it has been a pretty rough week.

Tuesday-Wednesday we had to work in the office and take phone calls because the senior couples were gone in Regina. So I got to be a secretary for a bit. Later that night on Wednesday we went and taught Jessica and her family and they are coming along. They are slowly progressing and it is good, because they need it. 

The Relief Society president asked us to make like a Preach My Gospel challenge thing for the members. So on Thursday we put our heads together and started planning this PMG challenge. We were able to finish it too, it looks really good. So it's the first 12 weeks as a new missionary and instead of training a missionary it is basically like training members to be missionaries. They just study a section in Preach My Gospel for a week and then they have little applications. So for example one of the weeks is study Lesson 1 in Chapter 3 of PMG and then the application is to memorize Joseph Smith's description of the first vision. It is going to be really good and I think it will help the ward out a ton. 

On Friday we were able to teach Jessica again and that went really good. I think she is finally understanding what we are teaching. Then we went and taught Peter. We watched The Restoration with him and he felt the spirit a lot.....he is just struggling with opposition...:/ But Saturday we went to the other baptism that was happening and brought Jessica. She really liked it a lot. Then on Sunday Jessica and all of the kids came to church! And they all dressed up! I was happy to see all of them there.

After church we had supper at a member's house and they had the other elders over as well and one of the elders is brand new this is his first transfer and it is just funny. After supper we all went out to get in our cars and it was snowing and so everyone in Winnipeg will go to four way stops and do u-turns while pulling the e-brake so they don't run into a snow bank, and so there was this car that was doing that and the new elder was talking to his companion saying "Elder I think we better get out of here". He was all scared for some reason and he was just like staring at the people and I was like Elder they're not going to kill you, they are just turning around in their car, get in your car haha. It was just funny.

So after all of that we went to go see if we could contact this family the Huntinghawks (native family) and they are impossible to get a hold of. They don't have a buzzer on their door to get in the apartment and they never, and I mean NEVER, answer the phone and we had been trying all week calling and calling and stopping by. So we go there and we just plan to like camp out for a bit and if we see anyone go in or come out we were just going to get out of the car and sneak into the building. So we are waiting and waiting, and I say "Elder just watch me for a second, I'm just going to go bang on the door". So I bang on the door and I say "Heavenly Father, please just provide a way" and all of the sudden this kid comes around the building and I say "hey do you live here" he says yes. I say could you let us in we are looking for our friends the Huntinghawks. And he says oh well I'm a Huntinghawk. I was like no way! hah I looked at Elder Moojalsky in the car and waved to him to come out. We met them and were able to set up a time to visit them. There really is a God in Heaven.

All is well, 
-Elder Clark

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