Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Week #32

Well this week was pretty crazy... like always.

Tuesday we had exchanges with the south zone leaders and I went with Elder Vanisi. We played bingo with some old people for service, it was really fun. After that we taught Peter and it was really good. On Wednesday we had exchanges with the North Zone, And I went to the North end....Which is a really really crazy place, but it was fine we were protected! :) 

Thursday, we finished with exchanges, and we had a missionary go home :( so he stayed in the office with us and on Wednesday we have another one going home for medical reasons. President is gone this week so we have to take him to the airport and make sure he gets taken care of. Also President and the senior couples in the office will be in Regina for couples conference this week, so we have to work in the office.........not looking forward to it. I'm hoping that we can just get a bunch of appointments in the evening. 

But anyway on Thursday it was crazy, we were just really really busy. So, president had some of his family here and they were going to Disney on Ice so we had to drop him off and he had to be picked up at 6:00. So we were out and about visiting members and finding less actives, and I had the prompting to go give one of our member cards to the bishop's wife. So we go there and she had like huge 6 foot piles of snow blocking her walk way to the street. We climbed over it and we were able to give her one of our member cards. She said that she needed that snow gone, as we could already tell she did haha, so we said OK we will be back. So it is like 4:50 and it takes 15 minuets to get from our place to hers and we have to pick up president at 6:00 and we can't be late. So we get home, grab some shovels, and its 5:05. We get to her place at 5:20 get out of the car and just start shoveling the big 6 foot pile of snow.......by the time we got done, it was 5:25......we did it in 5 minuets my ARMS WERE DYING. I thought my hands were going to bleed because it was cold outside too and I forgot my gloves. So we go talk to her and she tells us to go shovel a less active's walk which turns out to be 4 doors down from her, so we tell her that we would come back and do it later tonight. So we get home and it is 5:45 so we were perfectly on time for picking up President. After that we had an appointment at 7:00 and it went until 8:30 because it went really good, but we had to pick up President at 9:15 and we still had to shovel that less active's walk, so we drive down and this time it took us about 20 min to get to her house. We get there by like 8:50 we get out and this time it took us 10 minuets to shovel because we were just so weak, so we get done by like 9 go talk to the lady and she is super thankful for what we did and wants to have us over, and we were only 5 minuets late picking up President. It was a crazy day.

Friday we were able to teach Peter and he came out to the ward potluck, and he shared his testimony with us....wow it was just so powerful :) Saturday he had his baptismal interview and he is all good to go.

Sunday....wasn't the best day, we went over to Peter's to get him up because we forgot to let him know it was daylight savings, and he is just facing some opposition right now. He told his mom in Nigeria that he was going to get baptized and she is not happy at all.... :( So today we are going to visit Peter and just help him out a bit, I think everything will be ok though :) 

I am really hoping everything goes good with peter he is like my best friend! 

All is well, 
-Elder Clark

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