Thursday, April 17, 2014

Week #88


 I can teach people from back home through skype or even fadebook I can teach people back home. Tonight we are skyping Elder Erickson friends back home. We are teaching a part member family. The son is preparing for a mission, the wife is not a member.  We were teaching people from Alberta and we are in Steinbach......what????? Lol crazy hey but its all approved.

Well we had a really good week. We taught a lot this week. At every opportunity we had, we taught. We taught in the store, at service, you name it we just tried to teach a lot. Things are going well in my district. I'm still a district leader. The district has been applying everything I am teaching them and as a district combined we are working with 40 people. The other elders have 20 people and we have 20 people.

We taught Kevin this week and he is doing good. We are going to go over lesson 1 with him again. We taught the Peters a lot this week, but we are going to try and lay off just teaching lessons and teach something that will build their faith.

It was a super good week,  and this week we should be able to meet with some new people and add them to our teaching pool.

When my companion Elder Erickson and I first got together our vision was to try and get a pool of 20 people to work with.  We tried our best with the circumstances that we faced and well felt like we weren't accomplishing anything. But at the end of the transfer we had 20 people that we could work with! Light always overcomes darkness.

The next transfer our vision was to do all we could to start a branch. We were very well informed when I first got here that we wouldn't have a branch anytime soon.  The stake president was very hesitant to have one based on passed experiences. Ha well that didn't stop us, because it was our vision and we knew it was a good vision because "if it is good then, it is of God." We really bugged our mission president in order to get a meeting out here. Well after a lot of consistent annoying on our part the stake president said we could only have a cottage meeting, (basically sacrament meeting,  without the sacrament). We knew that the work could never progress without some sort of meeting out here. We held the meeting in our apartment and Yesterday we had our first meeting.  WE HAD A TOTAL ATTENDANCE OF 24 PEOPLE IN OUR APARTMENT AND 3 INVESTIGATORS CAME. Pretty neat hey?! We are seriously establishing the church! Now our vision is to help the investigators into the waters of baptism. I am so grateful for this experience in my life. It really took some patience. I boast in my father in heaven for all that has been accomplished.

Next week we should be able to have 7 investigators come and 2 less actives bringing a total attendance of 30 I hope we can fit  lol I will send some pictures.

Well, sure love ya mother :)
Elder Clark

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