Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week #86

Hello mother,

well our week was really good. We were just extremely busy this week which is wonderful. Every day was busy.
On Monday we visited Jeannine which was good, both her and her mom are reading The Book of Mormon. On Tuesdays the zone leaders came down for exchanges and we had hot chocolate with Renate.  They have become like family to us and so we don't teach them every time. Its kind of a love serve teach process.  But its working.   Tuesday evening we went to open mic night and I killed it on the drums! I still got it. And some of our investigators came to watch. It was a good way to get out in the community because they see this Mormon missionary get on the drums and kill it, not trying to be vain glorious or anything, but it gave all of the people a different perspective showing them that we are normal.

On Wednesday we had a really neat miracle happen. We were walking to an appointment and this blue car pulled over and said hey I'm an inactive member of the church and I want to start meeting with you guys. She has some sons that are non members so there is a huge opportunity there for us. God still continues to amaze me.

Thursday we found a new investigator.  His name is Kevin and we met him at the soup kitchen. He is reading and praying about The Book of Mormon. And Friday was a busy day! We went out to Jason's farm. And we shoveled goat poop and then gave the goats vaccination s and trimmed their hooves. But it went good he likes us. Then we went and split wood for a lady that we met at envision (place where we do service) and she fed us dinner and everything.  Things are happening.

Starting this Sunday or next we will be having meetings!!! :) we did it we accomplished our vision, now we have a new vision and new goals. We are going to baptize!

I had an interview with president talking about the end of my mission and yeah....it was weird. But he asked me if I wanted to stay in Steinbach. And I said I would like to. So I will probably end my mission here in Steinbach. Transfer calls are next week and then the week after that the whole mission is going to Regina for a mission conference.  An apostle is coming.  Don't know which one it is, but it will be neat. 

I will take more pictures and send them to ya next week. I know that this gospel is true. I have never had so much peace and joy in my life. When I get back all I want in my life is the joy from living the principles of the gospel, and being successful in my career life.

Love you and love all of you.
-Elder Clark

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