Friday, April 11, 2014

Week #87

Hello mother,

Well we had a good week this week we taught our investigator Kevin and he is doing really good. He is reading and praying about The Book of Mormon. The lesson was really strong and next time we will invite him to be baptized. A lot of good things are happening.  At our service opportunities the workers want us to come out to their homes and help them with projects that they have.

we tired to meet with our less active friend the other day but she had to cancel,  but hopefully we will be able to see her this week.

Friday we were at the soup kitchen and we were eating with a man named Dan and we had a really good conversation with him and we will be meeting with him on Wednesday so we are pretty excited for it. Then once everyone was gone at the soup kitchen I found a herbal tea bag and so I said to the whole staff "would you like to see this tea bag fly?" And then me and my companion Elder Erickson just started teaching  the gospel of Jesus Christ using this tea bad to the whole staff it was neat.
Other than that life is going really good I love it out here, and have really grown to love Steinbach. A lot of members and church leadership in Winnipeg aren't too supportive with Steinbach. But we will prove them wrong through the goodness of god. We are having our first meeting this Sunday in our apartment!!! :) we are very confident that the first meeting will have about 5-8 investigators and 5 less actives. The members are supportive so we plan on filling our apartment. We should at least have 20 people there the first meeting and that's between members and non members and less actives.

It is finally getting nice out!!! And the snow is melting.  This winter was probably the coldest experience of my was really hard mom. Their was a lot of times during the winter  we were not aloud outside because of how dangerously cold it was. So it just seemed really slow this winter. But its warming up and people are finally starting to walk, and we are going to walk and contact like crazy on our way to appointments.
Next week the mission will have a big conference with the mission. Elder D Todd Christofferson is coming!!

Well I sure know that the church is true. And the restoration did happen. I know that God is incredibly loving and mindful.

sure love you and all of you :)
-Elder Clark

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