Thursday, August 29, 2013

Week #55

This week was incredible! We just still worked worked worked as usual. There are days where I am just so tired, but once I am up it is just another day. It really seems like its just regular life down here, but it is just routine of doing it everyday.
Well this week was just so hot there were 3 days were it got up to 40 or 45 degrees oh man it was hot, and humid. There is no in between here in Canada it is either you are supper cold or just supper hot.
Well this week we talked with a lot of people and found 5 potential people to teach which is good. I am thinking about going out to the reserve and do some work out there and just see what happens, but I don't know. There is this lady that tells us the same story everyday and it gets pretty funny she tries to tell us that she is the best neighbor in town but I think she is just a little crazy.
On Thursday we were finally able to visit with sister Maki we haven't seen her all summer and she needs to come to church and well her summer activities are almost over and so I think she will start coming, we will see. AlsoI can't believe that it is almost September. We were on exchanges with the assistants on Thursday and so it was good to get double the amount of work done. I think that's the reason why I  like exchanges because you get more work done. Friday we were able to see the Osters and teach them and we made fried ice cream and it was really good. After that we went to go visit Doug Olson. We shot some bows with him because he is getting ready for moose season. It was pretty fun. I hope he comes back to church.
Well on Saturday we had a big BBQ at the park for the branch and we had a good turn out. Peter who is now an investigator and his less active wife came to the BBQ they had fun and so did their kids. I think she is trying to find you on Facebook her name is Christine Nielsen. We had a good day on Saturday. we were able to teach one of our investigators this week so that was good she said we weren't going to convert her.....hmmm lol.
On Sunday we had 19 people that attended. The Osters came again and Peter and his family came Christine had to work, but it was just so good to see them there. We set up an appointment with Peter on Tuesday and so I am excited to teach him he is so prepared and ready. I can't believe that we had 19 people there we are so close to getting 20 and probably even 22 and then we can sit in the chapel! I am so grateful for the principle of Consistency. I have seen the Lords timing work and I trust in the lords timing more than ever now. I personally believe that everything I have learned out here are principles that I will apply when I am home and get older. I do know by the power of the holy ghost that this church is true and that the work is real!
When the assistants were up we went to the chip truck and got some poutine!! oh it was I think the best poutine I have had. and if you don't know what poutine is...ask Sister Dyches. She will know.
Sunday I played the Drums with the bag pipers in front of the whole town of Fort Frances, oh and not to mention TSN!! (The Sports Network) I will send you pictures.
love you so much mom and I am so grateful for you and for my family. I love all of you too much.
All is well:)
-Elder Clark

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