Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Week #52

Well mom I didn't get transferred. President told me he would only keep me for one more transfer, so I think this is my last transfer here in Fort Frances.
I have lost myself out here and found myself. Everyday is a battle, but at the end it is rewarding. I want to make it clear....that I know that Christ lives. I know it with all of my heart.
I can't believe it is August!  soon it will be Christmas , and then just 6 months left, I can feel it. Everyone says your last year goes by super fast and I am afraid for it. 

I personally know that God gives us trials, not because he wants us to suffer but I believe he wants us to see how we will react to them. It becomes more and more clear to me each day how patient and loving God is. I have realized that when we react negatively to a big or small trial, that we loose faith and trust in our Savior and in our Father in Heaven.  I know things will turn around here in Fort Frances and even if they don't before I leave, it will be OK because this area just needs a lot of love.

This week however, we only had a total of 5 people at church. But we are still close, there are good things coming. The Osters will be coming back on august 25th for sure. We sat down with them both person to person and Sister Oster said that she doesn't care what happens, if she gets offended, or doesn't feel loved. She said that none of that matters because she just wants to go back to church and the whole family will be coming starting august 25. We had a great week though. We got 2 new investigators and they were a referral from a member and the member went with us to teach them. They are very prepared I am excited. Also we got a referral from Sister Oster, she wanted us to teach someone at her work,  and it was perfect because we do service at her work and he was there when we were doing service. Now we are teaching him and we are seeing him again this Tuesday.
This Thursday and Friday we were in Kenora and wow the drive there is one of the best drives ever it is just beautiful. But we went there to go on exchanges and then I got to interview someone for baptism which is always exciting.

I am grateful for the spirit in weekly planning. Elder Weeks and I have  the best plans for this week. We are taking a new approach at this less active work. What we are going to do is go and teach our members and we will teach them about missionary work or about the gospel and then we will have them watch this video


and after the video the commitment will be...." sister or brother...., this week will you reach out to (so and so) and see how she is doing?" "we will make sure to follow up with you.... or "sister or brother...., this week will you reach out to the Osters and see how they are doing?" great we will follow up with you. We are so excited about this because the members don't even know what in the world to do with the progress record and home teaching and visiting teaching never happens, so in order for the less actives to really have their hearts soften, they need to see that the members care about them.  Hopefully this may even change the attitude of the members. :))
I think that slowly President Tovey's wife will come around :) we are teaching her twice this week.

We are just going to go go go this transfer none stop.
 All is well :)
-Elder Clark

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