Thursday, August 15, 2013

Week #53



The Osters, the family that we have been working with for 5 months are coming back!! they will be coming back this Sunday for good. She was telling me that when everything had happened, and when she was  offended, that she was just done with all churches in general and that she didn't even care about eternity, but then we showed up and brought them again unto Christ. She is such a wonderful lady and I have come to like her and her family very much.
We helped a former less active branch president cut down trees and boy I was using the chainsaw and everything. I am so glad dad and you taught me how to work because it doesn't do any good to show up to a former less active branch president not knowing what you are doing,  but after the whole service he told us at the end that he is still not coming back to church. Oh well.
Yesterday we were out on the river walk and we met a couple from Germany. I really  hope they will call us. They had a lot of questions and were interested in what we were saying. I want to teach them.
We went to mow a members lawn and her gas tank was leaking...I am glad we found that before we started mowing. Oh and here is something you will like...
Last Monday we went to go teach President Tovey and his wife, but his whole family was there. His son and daughter and her boyfriend Moishe, and he is Jewish. We taught all of them the restoration! Moishe was asking us so many questions, and before we sat down for dinner he was talking to me and said..."do you believe that Adam an Eve partook of the fruit?" and I said yeah we believe that they were the first children to come to earth and that because of that they were kicked out of the garden.... and he says "oh absolutely they were the first children on earth, but actually the fruit is a metaphor that they were  kicked out for, the reason why they were kicked out was because Adam found the orgasm, yeah they found the orgasm so that's why they were kicked out." haha oh man...I was just like..uhhh false. I was laughing on the inside so hard. Sometimes you just have to let it all roll off your back. They were very fun people to converse with. That is my funny story for the week.

 All is well :)
-Elder Clark

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