Monday, May 20, 2013

Week #41

You know a mission is not peaches and creams. We had this guy come up to us yesterday and just swear at us and drop the f word for no reason he just didn't like us. We didn't knock on his door or anything. But it is ok I have learned to be really bold and direct with people...I think I got that from Elder McDanel.
It really is hard sometimes to want to tract when you know you're gonna get a door slammed in your face, but you just got to get over it.
Well this week was really good. We tracted this week. It had been a while since the mission had tracted. So now, the mission has brought back tracting, but not just like go tract all day. We do what is called smart tracting. We tract around a less actives house or a members house because you never know who is prepared around a member or less active. We didn't find anyone from it, but it was really fun just to get out and tract again.
We are still teaching less actives, and it is going great! We also found another less active member who we have been trying to get a hold of. We taught Father Wayne too, the Anglican minister! He has some crazy concerns, he doesn't believe in the atonement, he thinks it was child abuse yet he preaches it on Sunday. he said that the Anglican church is now re-thinking the atonement because it doesn't appeal to the world these days, I personally think it doesn't appeal to his church and members because of their history of child abuse with in the church. In essence we can look at this as Apostasy a turning away from an eternal truth to conform to men's own wisdom in order to bring more people in to their church. We are still working with him until we feel that we should stop, You never know.
Also, we Taught Karen this week. Her boyfriend, who is the atheist, sat in for the lesson and even asked questions. We are going to have family home evening with them today and share a spiritual thought. She also came to church this Sunday with her kid, now we just need to get her to keep coming to church.
This Sunday was a miracle! We had again 5 less actives with a total of 12 people all together at church, not including the missionaries. The Maki's came to church again for the second time in a row. They have been less active for 13 years! The Lord is good. Also Holly Olson, who is in a wheel chair, said that she wouldn't be able to walk to church with us because it was raining really hard out side and there was thunder and lighting. We told her that god would provide away if she really wanted to come to church. We prayed and asked that it wouldn't rain when we walked with her to church. We walked the whole way to church with her and it didn't rain and then shortly after we were in the church building the rain came down and started pouring. Prayer is real.
This morning we taught a less active former branch president. We shared the article "Trial of your Faith". We boldly told him at the end that he needed to come to church and that the branch needed him. He opened up to us, which was good.
Well one sad thing that happened this week is that Zach said he wanted to wait until he was 18 to be baptized. He expressed the concern that his whole family is Catholic and that he would lose family over it. We tried to do all we could, bore testimony and did everything, but his choice remained the same. He still wants to meet though and come to church, so we will see what happens. I know and testify that Zach has received a witness that the Book of Mormon is true. These are his own words: "I felt a burning sensation in my heart." I know this work and gospel is true and I love it. 
All is well,
-Elder Clark 

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