Thursday, May 16, 2013

Week #40

So this week we were able to just teach a lot. On Wednesday however, we had to go into Winnipeg for a training meeting and it was really good. It opened up my eyes and gave me a sharper focus.
So we have been teaching these less active members and we told them that we only eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and so they told us to try a peanut butter and mayo sandwich......they said it was really good and that it tastes like a dill pickle sandwich. I said to myself no way!! So I tried was so gross! Man it was nasty. I didn't tell that story last night because I thought that dad would faint because he hates mayo. I'll tell you what though, the only food that members do give us is moose meat! It tastes good too, but really gamey. We helped out a less active and he gave us some moose steak so we will see how it is.
So on Thursday we went to Raine Crest to go meet Father Wayne, the Anglican Minister. We had a great talk with him and at the end we invited him to hear the gospel. He agreed. He texted us later that day and asked if we could meet tonight and we said yes! Because we are missionaries and we do that hah. So we taught him and at the end of the lesson he said "I have doubts about my own faith. I have read the Book of Mormon and it has great teaching in it, and I love that it tells us to seek ponder and pray to know if it is true". He has a hangup with the bible too. So we asked if we could continue to teach him and he told us that we could. So we are going to be teaching him again this week.
We taught Zach again this week and he is still doing really well! He feels the spirit so much in our lessons! He is just prepared. On Sunday we went and delivered a flower to his mom and also delivered flowers to less actives for Mother's Day. They all loved it and it softened their hearts for sure. We had 15 people at church too on Sunday! Wow what a miracle because the first day I got there, there was only like 4 people! The Lord is good.
All is well,
-Elder Clark

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