Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Week #38

We taught Zach this week, one of our new investigators, it went really good too. We will be teaching him this Wednesday. So this Thursday we went and played with the bag pipe band and at the end they wanted me to play on one of their drums and they filmed me and put me on their website or Facebook page haha it's the Fort Frances Pipers or Bagpipe Band. So that will be good because then the whole town of Fort Frances will know who we are. We are going to go back and try and teach the guy who is in charge of it. Oh also....we taught a pastor this week...and we taught him in his Church. It was a really neat experience. No matter how much he tried to discredit anything we bore testimony and he sat silent. He said we could come back so we are going to try and be his friend.

There was a lot of good stuff that happened this week too. We were just so busy because we relied on the Lord and asked to stay busy and be teaching and finding and the Lord has provided a way. He always does in his own time. We helped Brother Olson move on Saturday and his brother came and helped too. Let me tell you something....it's like hanging around Uncle Doug and Bob! I love it! I feel at home here. It rains, there are seagulls, and there is a big lake. Everyone is a red neck though!! It is the best. They're really nice too. We taught this less active, Holly, who is in a wheel chair and lives with her mom. She had a poster of Justin Beiber on the wall and I asked her if she liked him. Of course she said yes. I said yeah he is actually a really good singer, the guy can sing. So she thinks I like Justin Beiber now haha and we are great friends now. She gave me a Justin Beiber poster too and I had her sign it. It was funny haha. On Sunday we had 10 people at church. It was great! We walked and pushed Holly to church and her mom walked with us. We are trying to get a train of walkers to church with us. We are trying to do whatever we can to get these people back to church, but the most important thing is that they need a friend. We are also taking members with us to appointments.

So we were in Winnipeg for a bit. Before we left, a family from Winnipeg wanted me over for dinner. The Abbott family had us over for dinner yesterday night. They love me haha it's great. There son, Kyle, and I have become really good friends. When I first got into Winnipeg Kyle wouldn't talk to me that much and he didn't really come to church a lot either. But a phone call every now and then telling him that I cared had an impact on him. Sooner or later he would always talk to me and sit by me. We became great friends and he is 15. So Kyle's soccer coach had just died and they wanted me to come over to surprise him. He was happy to see me and after dinner I testified of the plan of salvation and bore my testimony and told my story of Landon Harless. I gave him a tie and man I just love making people happy and changing their attitude.

All is well,

-Elder Clark

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