Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week #35

Well this week was absolutely crazy! On Monday we didn't even have a p-day. I was mad haha but it was good because we helped a member with his home teaching. On Tuesday we did transfer planning and I am getting transferred. I am no longer an assistant. Which I am excited about because I needed to get out of the office, it was just wearing on me haha. On Wednesday we finished transfer planning and then we had to do more things for transfers.

On Thursday we had to plan for our portion for ZLC because we left on Friday for Regina. But it took us so long to plan everything. The plans that we made for our portion just didn't seem right. We had been studying for it the whole week. We finally finished it the next morning. Throughout the week we were able to do service at Misercordia and play bingo with the old folks, and we also were able to have a couple of appointments. We haven't seen peter in a while but we are going to still work with him.

So on Friday we left for Regina and Sister Olsen, one of the senior couples in the office, bought me some Mountain Dew for our 6 hour road trip to Regina! I was happy. So we got to Regina and our portion in ZLC just went amazing. President said it was the best ZLC he had ever been to since he got in the mission. We just hit it right out of the park. After ZLC we went to the temple and the neat thing was that there were members from our ward in the session so it was really good.

We continued ZLC on Saturday and then headed back to Winnipeg. But first we went out to Sushi, it was really good. We got back late Saturday night. On Sunday we had a Family home evening with Jessica and her family and it went really well. Her husband even sat in for it. I am so tired, we have been up till like 12 the past 4 days just planning and getting things done. I am exhausted....

Well I guess you probably want to know were I am getting transferred too eh? Ok I will now be serving in........Fort Francis Ontario, and I will be training a new missionary. So the neat thing is that I will actually be living in International Falls and then driving across the border to work in Fort Francis. So food will be way cheaper. Also the branch needs some building up! President told me that I will either be a counselor in the Branch Presidency or the Elders Quorum president, or both... But I think it will be a neat experience for me. Kind of scary but I am excited. I honestly wasn't expecting any of it at all because I for sure thought I would be in the office for one more transfer but I guess not. I can't wait to train and be in the field and just do work!

I didn't even know it was Easter yesterday by the way...hahah it just seemed like a normal day, but I think it seemed that way because I think about the savior everyday. 

Time is flying by and I don't like it.

All is well,
-Elder Clark 

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