Monday, October 22, 2012

Week #12

I don't even know where to start... this week was just so spiritual and just crazy. 

Crystal is actually getting baptized in a river now!! and yes because we don't have a font. I had to go in and check if the water was deep enough, and i got it OK'd from the assistants. AND WOW THAT WATER IS SOOOOO COLD!!! I'm glad I'm not the one getting baptized. But I will make sure to take lots of pictures

Thursday we had district meeting and President and Sister Thomas and the assistants came. Elder Deeble, one of the assistants goes home this Friday. So President came to do a portion in the district meeting and also at the end to give us our transfer calls. This will be my second transfer, because I've only been out for 12 weeks and I just got done training. I had the weirdest feeling about that day. I just felt something was going to happen. President called Elder Wilson and I in to give us our transfer calls... I was worried because Elder Wilson and I wanted to stay together. So President told Elder Wilson that he would be staying in Dauphin to train Elder Nelson, a new missionary. Then he looked at me and said Elder Clark you'll be going with Elder McDanel. You will be the new assistant... I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Elder McDanel bore his testimony and said "When I saw your picture up with mine there was peace and comfort throughout my whole body and I know you are supposed to come to the office with me. You are supposed to be the new Assistant". President Thomas felt the same way....this doesn't happen....I just got out of training.....They said that it was all the Lord's doing. I know that the Lord has called me to be the new assistant. I'm a brand new missionary and there's tons of missionaries who have been out here for a year and I didn't understand why he didn't call one of the zone leaders. But I know that the Lord has called me to do this and that he sees something in me. This has been a very humbling experience for me. The last two days my mind has just been trying to get a hold on all of this. But I'm excited and it will be an adventure. Elder McDanel is such a good guy though! I'm learning tons from him! The only thing I have been worried about is respect from the other missionaries. But ill just jump in with a positive attitude. This coming Friday I get to pick up the new missionaries from the airport! Woohoo!

We had stake conference and Elder McDanel and I were just receiving tons of revelation on how we can help the mission. The spirit was just so big it was like punching me. Being an assistant is great and I just feel way closer to the spirit.

I will also be going up for Crystal's baptism as well because the assistants go to the baptisms. Fun. I get to do a lot of traveling I think! And I get to be around the office staff and President and Sister Thomas. I also live in the office home. This means I get mail faster because it all comes to the mission office.

I love this mission. I love my savior and everything that he has done for me and everyone. The atonement is real.

All is well,
-Elder Clark

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