Monday, October 15, 2012

Week #11

I forgot to tell you this last Monday, I taught a guy from Rwanda while I was in Brandon! It was great! He is solid. Oh and also my companion Elder Wilson is from St. George, Utah and he knows Jef from The Bachelorette... like he grew up with him and used to hang out with him all the time. He told me that Jef has always wanted to be a celebrity like all his life. It's interesting. But super neat because we saw the magazine in the store and he just stopped and was like WHAT?! haha it was funny. 

So here's my week:
Monday-Wednesday we were traveling and going on exchanges so we weren't even in our area for like 3 days..... Then when we got home Wednesday we were busy because we just had appointments. Then Thursday our day was just full with appointments. We have just been teaching a lot so it's been crazy busy. And pretty much everyday we teach Crystal and her family. They are so solid! Crystal is just super solid in the gospel I love it and you can see the peace that is in her life. I'm a little worried about her daughter Raven... :( She's going through some things in her life right now. Friday we worked on the farm for most of the day. Tt took us an hour to get out there and then we were there till 3 and then an hour to get back and then we went to Sister McCurry's and we raked up her lawn and then she fed us supper. She's like 85 or something, love that woman. On Saturday we tracted all day and it was nice because we just haven't had time to tract a lot because we have been busy teaching. Some people let us in too but only because they were JW's and just wanted to talk with us. It was fun though, they were very nice people. Then we got a call from Sister Watson. She called because she need a blessing so we drove over and gave her a blessing, I love giving blessings and having those experiences :) The assistants came to Dauphin on Sunday and went to church with us and that was fun. I taught primary again... We cooked a huge pirogi supper for the assistants oh it was so good. Then we went over to Crystal's and taught her and her family. The kids were a little bad and not paying attention. Raven didn't seem to care much about going to church and just other stuff. I bore my testimony and just words flew out of my mouth. The spirit was super strong I even cried and the room was just dead silent! I love baring my testimony and just listening to the spirit. I know that those were the words that god needed me to say.
When we went tracting on Saturday I had a feeling to go to Merrel Ave when we were planning so we went there and I was just thinking...."Why did we go here no one is home." Then this lady pulled up in a white truck and we had a really good time talking with her and she really opened up to us and wanted us to come over. It's just neat how the Lord works, I know that if we would have never gone to Merrel Ave then we would have never have met her. The lord sends his servants where they are needed and he sends them to a specific place and time.

All is well,
-Elder Clark

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