Monday, September 24, 2012

Week #8

The weather here is getting cold. It will start snowing by October... But I'm really excited for that. It will be an adventure. We tracted into this guy named Jason and he was like "sure come over" and I guess he even set up a supper appointment. We fasted on Wednesday, and my testimony of fasting grew. We saw tons of miracles that day. So the week went by and really we just tracted nonstop the whole time, and not too much happened but that's OK. 

On Sunday Crystal showed up to church! When she got there she knew someone from the branch... we were so excited actually because now she'll have some member support. She said she really enjoyed it and wants to keep coming. She is solid. She has been reading and praying every night! Also Gus came to church too. He made us some borscht which is beat juice. It's Ukrainian and we haven't tried it yet but we will. Also Sunday was really good because we have been teaching less actives and trying to get them to church and boom they just all showed up! It was a miracle Sunday that's for sure. So after supper on Sunday we went out tracting and we came to this house and this lady opened up the door and we told her about The Book of Mormon and how it is another testimony of Jesus Christ and she said "well no it isn't" and she just kept interrupting Elder Wilson and arguing with us but we weren't even arguing. She was just saying her point I guess. So I just bore my testimony hoping she wouldn't interrupt and I said "I testify in the name of Jesus Christ that The Book of Mormon is true because I have prayed and asked God and I received an answer from the power of the Holy Ghost", and she just had nothing to was great. I felt the spirit so strong while I was baring my testimony and then after I did that I just said that we appreciated her time and is there any service we can do for her and then we left. It was powerful! Missions are great.
Oh and this week we have just got a lot of potentials so that is really really good.
Elder Wilson is great. It is great when you just click with someone. 

Oh! So Crystal came to church and the lady that she knew was sitting with her for sacrament meeting and Sunday school. Then Crystal was going to go to relief society alone because Sister O'Sullivan teaches primary and so we were worried that Crystal would just be in relief society alone and then I thought to myself... You know how  to do primary. So I said "Hey I'll teach primary if you wanna go be with Crystal" and she said really?!! She was excited. So I taught primary this Sunday and did singing time and we did all sorts of fun games. It was a blast. They had the same manual too so it was perfect.
This week we've got some really good appointments! I'm super pumped!!! I'm learning a lot out is crazy, but I love it. This is some of the hardest work I have ever done. Especially when people swear at you at the door step haha but that doesn't even affect me anymore.

All is well
-Elder Clark

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