Monday, September 10, 2012

Week #6

This week was busy, we tracted a lot, but on Wednesday we got a call from the assitants, my companion has been called to be the zone leader for Winnipeg and my new companion will be the district leader from Winnipeg and his name is Elder Wilson. President Thomas said he would work me hard and I said good because I like to do the work.
On Monday we taught this young man named Ben, and it went really well because the way we have been teaching has been really effective. He said he would call us again to set up a time to meet, which means he won't because apparently when investigators say that it means they don't call. But on Wednesday night he called and said he would love to meet again on Thursday. I was so suprised it was great! Also on Wednesday we taught this lady Crystal and she has three kids, and the lesson went really good. Her son is 9 and I can just see him as being a missionary one day. After our lesson she said to give her 2 weeks and then we could meet again...:( but on saturday we told her to look at On sunday she texted us and just said that website is so great! She sent us like 9 texts about how much she loves the website and then asked if we could meet sooner, and so we are meeting her tonight at 7...Isn't that so great?! She wanted to meet Sept 19 but the spirit is just working right through and now she wants to meet tonight! Missions are great!
We ran into kevin again ( the gangster) I feel a little sick to my stomach every time we talk to him just cause he's a serious guy about some things. But I learned that he is a child of god and that it doesnt matter. I need to love him as much as I can. Oh we were in Brandon on Thursday and I went tracting with 2 other elders while my companion was in a zone leader meeting. These two other elders are great guys! But they were in some cranky moods..:( before we went out tracting I said a quick prayer in my heart and asked Heavenly Father to provide us with a mircale and to remind these guys that this is His work. Boom first door we knock on guy lets us in and we teach him, he feels the spirit, says the prayer, and tells them to come over first thing tomorrow at 10. I do know that this is the Lord's work and he has reminded me time and time again. I can always rely on him through prayer, and because of that it reminds me that I need to always be humble.
Gus came to church again on Sunday so that was really good. He cracks me up all the time.

Oh also we bible bashed with this guy on Saturday... oh that was a waste of my life. Well, I didn't bash we just kind of argued. But his whole purpose was that he wanted us to leave the mormon faith and that we weren't saved. So I asked him what his definition of saved was. What do we have to do? He named them off and I said ok then by your definition and your reasons mormons are saved. And then he just said no your not because you're mormon and you're a cult. I stopped him right there and told him I would not be out here on a mission if it wasn't for the night that I knelt next to my bed and cried for about an hour just telling my Father in Heaven how sorry I was for the things I have done. Then I testified that because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and his endless love for me, I have changed my life because I have felt his atonement. I know the Book of Mormon is true because I have felt the Holy Ghost bare witness to me that it is true. And I told him I didn't want to be rude because I respect him for who he is but I don't care what he says I will never leave this faith. This faith has brought me so much closer to Christ. Then I said we appreciate your time and we've enjoyed our conversation but we need to get going because we have a curfew. It was just powerful for me. All I could do was bare my testimony. But then he kept talking. It was a waste of time.

Also on saturday this lady called us and said she wanted to meet with us, and we have never met her. So we met her and it was just different...I guess missioanry work just got really real for me. She's just stuck in her life and drugs are taking over her life and we just talked to her and testified of the savior and his atonement, and just tears came streaming down her face. She wants to change and she knew that what we were teaching was true. I guess just watching someone cry after baring my testimony on the Savior's atonement was just a different experience for me...I have never seen it have that effect on someone.

We had to drop Ron just because he's not progressing, but he always still finds us on his bike. I love it! It seems like he sometimes sees us when he needs a little uplifting talk. 

Oh and my new favorite dessert is Apple Crisp and vanilla ice cream....oh I love it!

Gosh I don't even know what my mission will be like because I'm just taking it one day at a time, but I know it will sooner or later mean a lot to me. I love doing this work, there is no better way to find people to teach besides going out and tracting and sharing the gospel and baring your testimnoy. I do know this is the Lord's work, and we have just had miracles again and again.

All is Well,
Elder Clark

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