Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Week #7

On Tuesday we went to Brandon for zone training then I stayed there until Thursday because I was getting a new companion. So Elder Ronald, my companion, went on an exchange with Elder Barfuss and I went on an exchange with Elder Hatch and we were in the MTC together. And an incredible experience happened... Elder Hatch and Elder Barfuss are teaching this less active Hispanic guy. And so Elder Hatch and I went to go see him to get him back to church. He only speaks mostly Spanish but can understand English when you speak it to him. So he told us why he wasn't going to church, but he was telling us in Spanish....I sat there, and said a quick prayer in my heart to be able to understand what he was saying. He spoke again and I listened and paid attention to his body language. After he was done speaking, Elder hatch looked over at me and asked, if I got all that? I said to the guy, "So what your saying is......" and He said yes (si)...he spoke again and I was able to interpret what he was saying. I'm not saying that when he spoke Spanish I was able to be fluent or that Spanish was able to sound like English to me. I payed attention to how he was feeling I guess, and the spirit was able to let me interpret what he was saying. I then taught him like a little kid, saying we need to pray and asked him if he would ask Heavenly Father if he wants him at church. I asked him to kneel and pray and he prayed in Spanish so I couldn't understand it, but it was a beautiful prayer. The spirit was so strong. I could feel it burning. We invited him to church and he said yes. So when I saw Elder Hatch again he said this guy was at church and wants to keep coming back. I know that I wasn't able to do that without the help of my Heavenly Father. It was because of Him and I'm only his servant. It was an amazing experience. My testimony grew that day of the gospel and prayer.

So I got a new companion Elder Wilson! He is literally the greatest. We are like the same person pretty much. And he makes me want to get out and work! We have already become best friends pretty much and we're just having a blast. He is working me hard but that's what i wanted. Elder Ronald was a great companion but I'm looking forward to serving with Elder Wilson.

The weather is starting to get cold at night it gets down to like 3. 

Teaching is my favorite thing I think. I also like just talking to people. So far with this transfer I have opened up more. I think last transfer I was trying too hard to be a different person, but now I'm just being myself and being a missionary. People love talking to Elder Wilson and I because we are both people persons.

No baptisms...yet! Our investigator Crystal is very close. She has been reading The Book of Mormon and she has been praying! She has 3 kids - 2 of which are 9 and 12. We have been teaching them too and they want us to come back. We will be meeting with her on Thursday. We are still teaching Gus and he has been coming to church every week. We are also teaching this guy Ben and he is great. We have some new appointments this week as well. But missionary work isn't about baptisms. A successful missionary is committed. So I'm really trying to be as committed as I can. But I know we will get a baptism soon! :)

All is well
-Elder Clark

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