Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Week #2

It has been such a crazy week....We had a district meeting in Brandon and then we went on exchanges. We tracted so much this week and not too much happened but we did have some miracles. All of the answers we get out here in Dauphin are "no thanks" or "i'm not instrested i've got my own religion". A lot of the people here are hard in there hearts :( and it is hard sometimes when you get the door shut in your face a lot but I do the work because it's true.
Dauphin is a very beautiful place. I think this is one of the only places with tons of trees and so it's nice. I heard that they don't let us go out at -40 because it's very dangerous but if its -39 then your out and about. The way people talk here is so great i love it! I will have so many impressions for you when i get home! Candians definetly do not at all sound or talk the same! ahh it's so great! I bought a MTN DEW today! You wouldn't believe how great it tasted, but finding and teaching people is still way better.
There are a lot of Native americans up here, we have run into so many! They are so great and are very close to the spirit. I have had so many great experiences this week! We had another lesson with one of our investiagators and we didnt even get to teach a lesson because it turned into 20 questions and they were very hard roman Catholics, but we answered all of there questions and they wanted us to come back. We tracted into this girl named Jennifer. We taught her the first lesson and she wanted us to come back. She's going through a lot in her life and I feel like we were able to help her, we also gave her a book of mormon and she was reading it after we gave it to her. We also taught Jebi and Allenso, their phillipenos. There are a lot of phillipenos here too because they all work at the hospital I guess. And I heard some of the missionaries in Brandon are learning spanish.....because there are tons of spanish people there and they don't really speak english... so that would be fun if I got to learn spanish!
So we were tracting one night and nothing was happening and we had 5 minutes left until we had to end the day and within that 5 minuets we had success! We taught this Native American named Jim, and guess where we taught him...?? We taught him the Plan Of Salvation in his teepee! It was so great! It was so nice and quite and he wanted us to come back, we also found out that his wife was a memeber a long time ago.
On Saturday we tracted into this guy named Ron. And that went so well. He's going through so much in his life and we invited him to church, and he showed up. I was so excited to see him at church! Plus Elder Ronald and I were giving talks during sacrament meeting. So we'll see what happens with Ron. Then later that sunday we went out and went tracting and we taught this guy Rick, (also native american) and it went really really good. We then decided to go try and track down Bob, who we had been trying to get ahold of for days. We knocked on the door, and no answer, then we went to 7th Ave and before my companion and I got out of the car he said, let's go back. and so i said ok? sure yeah lets go! So we get there, and right when we get out of the car guess who's walkin across the street to his place??... it was Bob and he was like hey guys! and we were so glad to see him. We set up a time to meet with him, too. I love how the spirit works. You just have to listen. I know that God was looking out for us and let us know that we need to go back.
It is hard out here sometimes especially when people close the door on your face or ask "Are you a JW?" and you say no and then they ask "Well are you a mormon?", yes... and then they shut the door haha. But no worries I know that there are people out there who are prepared and that's what matters. Well I hope everything is going good at home! 
All Is Well
-Elder Clark

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