Friday, August 3, 2012

Catching Up - MTC

I'm starting this blog for Robert's mission. I will be posting weekly emails and any pictures he sends us so everyone can follow easily. I will also post addresses for anyone who wants to write him a letter. So here we go:
MTC Week #1

I'm loving the MTC so much! thanks for the M&M's and the gum! You have no idea how much that saved my life haha. wow the first day here at the MTC felt like a month it was so crazy! and i had like no idea what was going on.... My companion Elder Ford is a good guy he's got a good heart, he's a very different person personality wise so at times im kind of like his mother and i help him out a lot. I'm senior companion too and have already begun to teach people but only in role plays. But the role plays were real so it was a good experience. This coming monday Elder Ford and I will be teaching our first investigator Sarah Pospicil so im really excited to teach her and try and bring her closer to Jesus Christ. I have learned so much here and im already so happy all the time. oh, and they have a sweet work out place! so i've been in really good shape these last couple of days. i have so much going on though it's crazy i feel like i have no time! but i'll figure it out hah. they have those sangria drinks in the book store the one that marcos gave to me! so i've been drinking those ha. I really like the MTC. My teachers Brother Gardner and Brother Bacon are awesome they teach so well, which i like. my district is really awesome too! there are 8 Elders in my district and three of us are going to winnipeg, 2 of them plus my companion are going to San Jose california and the other 2 are going to Louisina. oh did i tell you my companion has a twin? haha and they're both in our district! they wear the same ties have the exact same backpack and water bottles! and they're both Elder Ford! sometiems it's really hard to tell them apart. oh and one of my zone leaders Elder Strudler is from Dallas and Adam served in his ward for the last of his mission so small world huh?! I learned something so important and beautiful about my purpose as a missionary that has just stuck with me... My purpose isn't to have my investigator become a member, or add another member to the church....My purpose is to have my investigator become closer to Jesus Christ. I'm so excited to go out and serve others and help them come closer to their savior. I'm trying to write letters to Holley and Brett and Taylor and you and Dad i'm just really busy right now but i will get time to right you all so don't worry :) I know this gospel is true and can help so many people come closer to their savior. I know the book of mormon is true and that my savior lives
Take care! I love you all so much :)
-Elder Clark
We've recieved several letters since then and they're all so wonderful!
MTC Week #2

My P Days are only on friday, but i'm not sure because everything is moving so fast. i've learned so much here it's absolutley crazy.... I love it here. it's hard sometimes with Elder Ford, but all i can do is strengthen him. sometimes it gets hard... I feel like I dont get any time to study because i'm always helping Elder Ford, but during zone teaching we were doing roll plays and I was a member that was meeting with an investigator with the missionaries and they had me bare my testimony and I bore it on the Atonement and the way I said it just connected with the investigator and the other elders told me it was their revelation for the day, so even though I feel like I don't get much time to study, I am always reminded that I am doing just fine. It was a really nice experience for me and keeps me going.

I got my travel stuff already! it's weird.... I leave August 1st and I am the travel leader so i'm in charge of 10 other missionaries... so we'll see how that goes. I'm sending letters today for Taylor, Brett, Holley, and you and dad. 

The food is alright.... haha i eat so much though because im always hungry!! But I haven't gained weight because i'm always working out, so that's good!

I love the Gospel sooooo much! I'm so excited to go to Canada and bring others closer to Christ. I love you and the family a lot and miss you a lot but I know this is where I need to be right now. Everything is going great.

Love you so much
-Elder Clark

MTC Week #3
So much has happened this week.....
I have had some amazing expereinces. This week i was just not sure if I have been doing a good job. I remember on my Pday i was just praying so much like over and over again, and i decided to just move on and keep going. So that night we had class and elder ford and i were teaching Landon. I've told you about Elder Ford and how he is a little slow so i have to work with him a lot. anyway we taught Landon...and it was amazing the spirit was so strong! Brother Gardener (Landon) pulled me out of class and told me, I appreciate how you set an example for your district with your patience for Elder Ford you are doing so great here and i see how christlike you are and i appereciate you so much! i knew from that that my father in heaven did answer my prayer and that he truly does know me. when he told me that it just hit me so hard. Then Elder Ford and i taught Brother Bacon as Doug and again we did so amazingly well. He told us that it was one of the best lessons he had ever been taught in the MTC and that it gave him a lot to think about as himself and not Doug! It was so amazing.
So this Wednesday I will be in Canada! Oh and real quick in TRC we were teaching Sarah and we got her to Pray! and she felt the spririt! man i love the gospel!
Wow im running out of time because the email only gives us 30 minutes!!! what theHECK
Mom i love you and miss you so much I will email you when i get to Canada i hope i dont lose any elders on the way
All is well
-Elder Clark

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