Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week #57

Well Mom,  Miracles, Miracles, Miracles!
First of all we taught 2 of our investigators Nancy and Ed Grenall and they are just solid mom, they are just great. They came to church this Sunday and we are teaching them again tomorrow. Nancy's sister is a Mormon in BC and her husband is a bishop. Nancy has read the book of Mormon like twice and her husband Ed is really investigating, they both are. Also we were able to get a new investigator this week, Karen's boyfriend Jeremy said that he is willing to learn now, so we will see how that goes.
We weren't able to teach Peter this week,  some things fell through :( but he still came to church and he bought a white shirt and tie. His son who just turned 8 wants to get baptized and so this is huge progress and we haven't been able to teach him again. We do keep daily contact with him. We won't be able to teach him this week either because he will be working a ton. But we are still just going to try and teach him. I know he will get baptized He is so prepared. We have a total Of 7 Solid investigators and they have all come from Members! We haven't found any from street contacting or anything else they have all been from members. Now some of them did take a while to get, but this a better way through the members of the church. As we continued to be diligent and try everything and not give up, God has blessed us with very prepared people.
There Is a foundations laid here for other missionaries to come in and continue to help it grow. We had 26 people at church yesterday!!!!! the only person from out of town was president McDonald, the district president. The rest were members, less actives  and investigators. We had 3 investigators at church and 9 less actives there. We had 3 families there which is huge! This area has blessed my life. I have seen God's hand here. It is incredible. I know that the principle of Enduring to the End is true and that it helps us become better. "Pray like it is all up to God and work like it is all up to you." This church is true and Christ lives and this is his work. Time and time again for almost 2 and a half years or even more a good attendance for this branch was 4 or 3 members and it was the same when I was here for the 5 months. But as we loved and served these less actives again and again during these 5 months and teaching them the gospel and teaching their friends they have returned and brought their families!
It has been great to serve here, I don't know what is happening with transfers. I am really nervous lol. Mainly because President Thomas  doesn't know what to do with me lol. The assistants are joking with me and are telling me that I will go back to the office....lol But I don't know if they are joking, because one of the assistants is going back home. I think they are trying to pull my leg....I think. Other people tell me I am leaving and then some say I am staying. So I am just super confused and I am not thinking about it or worrying about it.
But this week we have Exchanges, and then We will get transfer Calls on Friday, so next Monday we will find out what happens. Oh and yeah when you are in an area for 6 months you need to get a drivers license. Manitoba took my WA license and I have a Manitoba license,
Well I am glad things are still going good there. I do Know that this is God's work and his timing and that all things are possible through the power of God.
Love you and all of you so much :)
All is Well
-Elder Clark

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