Monday, November 12, 2012

Week #15

Robert hit the 4 months mark yesterday! He is 1/6 of the way done!

I'm just busy busy it seems like! We got a ton of snow and it was like -12... so 10 degrees I think! Elder McDanel and I get along great! We are like the same person in a way, it's great. He pushes me like no other, which I like. He makes me work harder!

Our mission will be getting a minimum of like 144 missionaries because of the new revelation!!! It's gonna be a handful but exciting!!!

We are traveling to saskatchewan today, headed up to Regina and the Zone leaders got us a time to go to the temple when we get up there so I'm really excited about that! Well my week has been really busy. We have just been working with the I-fall elders and keeping them busy. We have also been working with less actives now. There is 28% of activity in the church here in this mission. We need to bring back the less actives before we can find new investigators. There are a lot of less actives with part member families. We're focusing a lot on them mainly because we don't  want to baptize new investigators into the church if the members are leaving and becoming inactive. I know what it is like to not want to come to church, so I can relate to them. I'm just really excited to work with less actives!

On Thursday we went and fed the homeless! I love those people so much. They are great people and smart, too. They're just in a bad circumstance. Also we were able to teach some people as we were on the hunt for less actives. 

I have a strong testimony of this work and of this gospel. I just love helping people and bringing them the gospel in their life! 

All is well,
-Elder Clark

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