Monday, July 7, 2014

Week #100

Well this is the last email you will get from me as a missionary. I am so excited to see all of you again!! I miss you all a lot.

Hope this is a good one.  I sure think it is.

Well I have worked hard until the end. This last week was fantastic. Elder Simister and I have been teaching so much. We still walk a lot and we do not let anyone pass us. We teach a lot of people on the street and also those that we are working with. We taught Uli and Stephen the German couple and we will teach them again. We also found a family this week and they are very ready. The wife had problems with the bible because she felt that there was a lot of stuff missing from it. We were so excited as we shared the restoration with them. We will see them this Thursday.

We taught Chris and got him all ready for baptism. Chris was baptized on Saturday July 5th. I was able to baptize him, it was wonderful. After his baptism we finally got to go meet with Joshua Giesbrecht, the media referral we received. So we went and taught him and well, he taught us the restoration...haha. he told us his story: he said that as he was starting to search for the truth that he was confused about why there was so many churches.  He said he came to a realization that there was an apostasy and that the priesthood was lost. He said he came to realize that God had a physical body and that he was a resurrected being. And that God and the Son were separate. So he got introduced to the church through YouTube and he said that when he started learning about the doctrine of the church that everything just made sense. He said that he felt like he knew all of this already and that he had been taught it before (pre existence).

So we left that appointment amazed. Elder Simister and I said he needs to be baptized. So we called our mission president and he said baptize him. So we talked to Josh on the phone about being baptized and he said yes. So he came to church yesterday and loved it. After church we turned on the water to fill the font and as it was filling we taught him all the lessons, president interviewed him and then we baptized him.  What an incredible experience, I am still in shock. We met with him on Saturday at 7 and then baptized him on Sunday at 4, not even a 24 hour period! What a great way to finish my mission.

I testify that the work is hastening it is real and the restoration happened.
Love you all and cant wait to see you!!!!! :) :)
-Elder Clark

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