Monday, March 17, 2014

Weeks #83 & 84

 Hello mother,

Well we are still in the process of having a branch and looks like it is going to happen! So we are very excited about that. I have really realized that I have had success in every area I have served and I thank my God for that. There is no way we could have done any of it with out him. We have become great friends with so many people. Right now we are working with 23 non members...!! That's who we have in our pool.  All of them we found through referrals and through lacing. We all have a really good relationship with all of them its really good. And 8 of them are investigating.

We are going to see the De Veers on Thursday!!! It has been forever since we have seen them. But Marlyn finally got a couple days off and she would like for us to come over,  so this is great news. They are a solid family. And now with us starting to have a branch here they will be able to come to church and eventually get to baptism.

We are going out to Jason's farm this Friday, he is a Mennonite and his whole family wants to feed us, that will be great. Mennonites make really good food.
One miracle that we had this week is that Renate, the mother of the family we are teaching would like to start reading The Book of  Mormon which is good because she was the hardest lol. She has become our German mother it is so fun! She hooks us up with eggs for 50 cents a dozen.  So we have 84 eggs in our fridge that only cost 7 dollars. The family is still slow progress but its the right kind of progress.

I think one of the reasons Elder Erickson and I have been really successful here is because we know how to adapt to different areas.  And a lot of missionaries have trouble with that. We don't street contact or tract here because it would be like if two Baptists showed up in Provo Utah and started preaching......they would get shunned lol and so it would be the same for us. And so we think of the most effective way to find. And we are doing it.

Everything is going really good I love being out here but I know my time is coming to an end and I am excited to see all of you I wont lie haha :) but if I could I would serve for another 2 years lol. The gospel is true and the power of the atonement is real and can heal us. The Book of Mormon is true and leads us to have more faith in the Savior. I am not discouraged about school momecause I have come to know, that with any set back or trail in life you just have to look up,  because "if you can look up, you can get."

Love you and all of you so much :)
-Elder Clark

Hello mother,
I am still in Steinbach.

 We have been working hard doing service and gaining relationships out here and it is working. The Peters are doing good. We taught them using the apostasy cups and at the end as we prayed we prayed sincerely for God to bless them and the mom Renate teared up and the family felt the spirit.  Its working, just slow. We also are going out to a farm on Friday to help this Mennonite fella and he loves us and his whole family wants to feed us. They were a referral from a member. We are trying to lace through members and investigators and it is working. The city will still continue to hate us but there is a lot of people so far that love us.

As we have struggled and struggled to establish the church here, we just had to trust in Gods timing.  Every thing we have done here was 100% what God has wanted us to do. The reason why I am saying all of this, is because we are doing it mom! Its working! We are now in the process of holding meetings out in Steinbach!!!! We are in the process of starting a branch here. We will be holding a sacrament our apartment! We will start holding meetings. We are just waiting to hear from the mission president so hopefully we can start this Sunday or next Sunday.

We are establishing the church!

It has been a good week. Full of fun and a whole bunch of mixed feelings.  I sure know that this church is true. And that its all in Gods time. It was just different for me because my whole mission I have seen great success,  but here I just thought nothing was happening but we continued to work at it and now things are happening.  When we get the church started here the Peters said they would come! So we are excited. 

I love you mom and all of you so much.
-Elder Clark

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