Thursday, December 12, 2013

Week #70

Hello Mother,

Elder Wilson and I are serving together!!! Oh my goodness we are going to kill it down here. This is his last transfer. He trained me and now I get to kill him ( which means be with him his last transfer) We are both so excited ha.

 Speaking of cold weather....the last few days have been -40 which is -40 in F. it has been really cold. 

Well this week was good. I went on exchanges with Elder Wilson, and we just did work. The Valdez family have been praying for someone that we could teach and one of their Filipino friends contacted them and saw that there was pictures of us on face book with the Valdez Family, and so she approached them and said my parents are members in the Philippines. Brother Valdez asked her how come she was not a member and she laughed. She said that she would like us to come over. We were able to contact her at her house this week and she said we were welcome over any time so we are going to meet with her this Thursday I hope i didn't already tell you this. Mom guess what?? I learned how to make Pan Set!!! it is a Filipino dish. I learned how to make it from Sister Valdez and I can make it taste just like she makes it. I made it spicy too. I have actually learned how to cook some good stuff on my mission. And all the stuff I need for pan set I can easily get in Washington, just need to go to an Asian store and it will all be there. I am going to make it for all of you when I get home. you will just love it!

We are still teaching Destiny.  Our lessons with her have been really really good. She told us that she had the most amazing experience at church. She said that she had so many questions and concerns and when she came to church it all went away. She said the feeling that she felt she could not explain, that is was more amazing then holding her son in her arms for the first time!!!! holy the spirit must have smacked her eh? and then every lesson that we have had since then has been golden. She said that she knows that this is the right path for her.

Here is a funny story we tried to show the Christmas devotional here in Steinbach....and we handed out invitations like crazy and we couldn't get the WIFI to all..... we had 7 non members there and just could not get anything to Brother Larson and I got up and entertained the audience for a while and we still couldn't get it to we just all visited and had refreshments and we set up a dinner appointment with 2 non members and then a family of 3 said we were welcome at there home any time. hahaha it still worked out though.

Well I think that is about it. I am really excited to start serving with Elder Wilson we both are so ready, I am still the district leader. It is time to get work done! 

Love you all so much! :) :)
-Elder Clark 

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